7 Scientifically Proven Ways To Make Someone Fall In Love With You!

Shared below are not random ways to get someone fall in love with you. All of them are scientifically proven and well researched…

1. Make Them Feel Special

If your trying to make someone fall for you, focus on little things that would make them feel appreciated.

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2. Be Interested In Who They Are

Make your crush feel like you are interested in everything they do and who they are as a person.


3. Learn To Be A Good Listener

People love it when you actually take the time to listen to them especially if you counter-question or comment during the conversation.


4. Smile At Them

Smiling makes you look more attractive and approachable. You never know, your smile might just win your crush’s heart.

 5.Maintain Eye Contact

People in love look into each others eyes at least 75% of the time they talk, so don’t shy away nervously.


6. Be Confident Around Them

Low confidence is a huge turn-off. If you’re not confident in yourself how do you expect someone else to be.


 7. Make Gestures That Indicate Your Interest

Give them signs that you like them. No one is a mind reader; we all need signs sometimes.


Well… now you don’t need Baba Bangali to get ‘Mehboob Qadmon Mein’

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