7 Easy Hair Styles For Greasy Hair

7 Easy Hair Styles For Greasy Hair

1. Three Braids rolled in a bun never looked classier



Source: pinterest.com

2. Another braided, twisty bun that looks super simple – and will probably work for medium-length hair as well.



Source: https://alittlesliceof.blogspot.com.au/


3. Make a low bun more interesting with a double braided headband deal.


Source: sheknows


4. This is a perfect hairstyle for girls with long, straight hair.



Source: camillestyles.com


5. Fishtail braids were made for dirty hair. The texture holds perfectly – if your hair isn’t dirty, it’s too soft to hold it. And once you get the hang of a fishtail, it’s super easy and fast.



Source: https://www.chicfactorgazette.com/

6. This is super easy. Plus, it gets all the hair out of your face, which is great.



7. Make a low bun more fun by rolling it up.


Source: glamour.com
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