7 Dreamland Spots In Pakistan You Should Visit To Make Your Summer Vacation Memorable

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As the sweltering summer approaches, everybody is looking for a long gateway, far from hot temperatures and hustle bustle of inland city life. Luckily, Pakistan is enriched with exotic forests, mountains, hills and other places to visit during summers which rejuvenate one’s soul. In case, are you looking to plan a hassle-free summer holiday in Pakistan? Here is a list of heavenly destinations that offers you the best possible gateway to make sure you have an ideal summer holiday:

1. Neelum Valley

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Fondly referred to as the “Blue Gem”, Neelam is simply an enchanting picturesque majesty within Pakistan. Greenish forests and blooming flowers, milky streams, iridescent lakes, and verdant hummocks make it a dream and spell bounding destination for tourist. The valley offers tourists with tranquil retreat and plentiful intriguing spots that attract a vast number of tourists during summer. You can sightsee the quaint villages that include Keran, Sharda, Arang etc. The ideal time to visit Neelum valley is from May to October when nature here truly shows the magic it withholds.

2. Shogran Valley

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Shogran is a splendid hill station with bucolic environs and green hills sprinkled with rhododendron forests. Shogran offers an extravagant panorama that castes magic on tourists.  The valley is well-known for its Siri-Paye meadows which relish unruffled luxury to revivify your senses. Touristic can take excursions to various sceneries and enjoy within the hills of Nathia-Gali during a comfy weather in summer. The grandeur and charisma of this hamlet are leftover in memories for long. Moreover, the place has the abundance of hotels which give special treatment to honeymooners so avail some beautiful honeymoon packages Pakistan to get there.

3. Jhelum Valley, Azad Kashmir

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Nestled amidst the lush green hills and valleys, Jhelum offers unrivaled, mesmerizing holidays to tourists. The picturesque valley is loaded with rhododendron greenwoods that make Jhelum soul catching and a famous destination in the country, especially during summers. Jhelum has one prominent valley “Leepa Valley”, which is situated on the scarp of a mountain-ridge and surrounded by the verdant plantation of well-known pine trees.

The small villages of Leepa add to the luminous assortment of patterns that Jhelum is naturally blessed with. There are plenty of appealing spots and sites that the valley offers, including Chikar, Chakothi, Ghari, and Pir-chinasi. The comforting ambiance, revitalizing waterfalls and picturesque spots make this Valley one of the places in the country that you simply cannot let go.

4. Kalam Valley, SWAT

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This high altitude cold-desert in the country is probably one of the most exquisite gateways for summer holidays. It is Pakistan’s best-kept-secret and once-in-a-lifetime experience for the tourists. This hamlet provides elegant scenes of the gargantuan mountains, green forestry, shimmering Kalam River, and the striking waterfalls making it an epitome of irresistible beauty. In addition, what about “eating freshwater fish on a manja” sitting over a garrulous stream? You can literally dunk your feet in the chilly water while having delicious meals, heavenly, right?

5. Malam Jabba, Sawat

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What attractions might you ask? The entire terrain of Malam Jabba is a sight to behold. Gleaming mountainous landscape, incandescent cotton wool peaks, snooty snow-capped mountains, and deep pine-covered valleys make Malam Jabba so special as they characterize this topography. From paragliding to skiing to mountaineering, and a bunch of luxury hotels offering cuisines the place offers so much. Once there, you simply just take some time to benefit from local cuisine while you explore the snow-clad mountains.

6. Kalash Valley, Chitral

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Kalash Valley is one of the major tourist attractions simply due to its spiritually & mentally uplifting splendor. Tourists could found a blissful flee bounded in the blanket of foliage lorded-over by the sky-high Hindukush mountains. The culture of Kalash valley is inimitable and astounding. The locals spend one of its kind lifestyles.

Their wooden-made cottages are positioned by the banks of rivers. These people commemorate many fetes like Phoo-festival, Chomos-festival, and Uchal-festival etc. Two hidden pearls in Kalash valley as a tourist you ought not to forget to visit are Rumbur and Birir which are connected to Kalash via a jeepable road. The only thing you need is to find some best northern areas Pakistan tourism packages to get there. Kalash Valley is one of the major attractions of Pakistan and is one of the places one must visit during summer.

7. Murree

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One of the most endearing hill stations with a summer resort is Murree. A terrain characterized by cotton-wool peaks bounds, waterfalls, lofty mountain passes, green grasslands, and beautiful lakes.  Since Pakistan came into being, Murree has gained its spot as a famous hill station, and it is prominently known for its pleasant summers.

Do these places have you drooling? Then what are waiting for, pack your bags and embark on a journey of a lifetime.

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