6 Things We All Use Smartphones For But Don’t Admit

We all love smartphones! There is no denying in the fact that smartphones have made our lives easier, but there are some unique uses that have been created by default;

1. To Kill Time In the Bathroom

If you forget to take your phone with you, you are in for the longest minutes of boredom of the day.


Source: Memecenter


2. To look busy

Waiting for someone? Sitting alone? Scroll on your homepage to look occupied, always works!


Source: giphy.com


3. Torch light to See In The Dark

Too lazy to turn the lights on? Or the usual load shedding…use the phone to look around.

giphy (1)

Source: Giphy



4. To take Pictures of Notes Instead of Writing

Who needs to make notes in class when you have whatsapp to share them?

giphy (2)

Source: Giphy


5. To Calm a Crying Baby by Playing Ringtones

Can’t handle a baby? Use tones in your phones to stop the baby from crying. It works!


Source: eonline.com


6. The Screenshot War

Do not underestimate the power of a screenshot.


Source: funnyand.com


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