7 Crazy Things That Happen When American Relatives Visit!

We all have ‘Amreekan’ relatives who visit once every ten years and leave us in awe of their accent and bragging rights. We love playing the “gaon” to their “sheher”, to help boost their self-esteem, because, well, branded gifts, chocolates and what not. Here are some of the things you’ll go through when American relatives visit:

1. They come with their ‘OMG, that’s-so-totally-awesome’ (not) fake accent

Source: giphy.com

Source: giphy.com

2. They’ll be surprised when Pakistan doesn’t look like the quintessential village they saw in the movies


3. Your khandan will be over every day for the entire duration, especially at night, because “Un ka toh din hai abhi

Source : rtxevent.com

Source : rtxevent.com

4. You get to hear the constant “OMG, it’s like so HOT over heeere, I just can’t breathe, ugh”

Source: thefightingcock.co.uk

5. You’ll be sidelined on everything because mehmaan Amreeka se aye hain

Source: rebloggy.com

Source: rebloggy.com

6. Your ‘local’ relatives will do anything to please the American relatives


7. Endless dinners with bland food because “OMG, this biryani has so much mirchein, ssssss”


Things we do for those expensive, branded gifts. Sigh.


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