7 Bathroom Rules Pakistanis Don’t Practice!

We live in a society where people have degrees, money, bank accounts, laptops, smart phones and all luxuries of life – we have best of everything, but manners. As much as we focus on getting degrees and becoming rich, we  fall considerably short in manners regarding bathroom etiquettes. Whether it is an educational institution, recreational or work-place, toilets are the most neglected features!

Although manners cost nothing, even the most educated individuals fail to demonstrate perfect lavatory etiquettes. Frankly, it is disgusting and disappointing. Bathroom manners aren’t hard to learn nor difficult to maintain. It is also your social responsibility to leave the washroom clean and reusable for others.

Here are the most important toilet manners everyone must try to be careful of:


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Once you are done, don’t forget to flush. It is repulsive and nauseating for others when you don’t flush. Put yourself in another’s shoes and imagine how gross it is when you walk out of washroom without properly disposing of your waste.  It is  no one else’s responsibility to wash out your pee! Human beings are not created to flush each other’s waste! Additionally, make sure there aren’t any stains on the toilet seat when you leave the washroom.

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We come across dirty commodes often at offices, airport and other public places which means many people need to develop the habit of flushing. It is effortless, trust me.


Wipe Down the Washroom

A wet washroom is a nuisance. So before you leave, make sure that the toilet seat and floor are dry to keep people from slipping and getting hurt.

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Wash Your Hands

Almost everyone washes hands after using the washroom, but there are many who don’t.

Ewww, isn’t it?

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While it repels other people around you, it is a matter of self-hygiene too. You come in contact with various germs in the washroom and you must try to stay clean. Hence, washing hands with a sanitizer or antiseptic soap after using the washroom is your utmost responsibility, towards not only others, but yourself too.


Besides, clean hands give you a nice feeling and you are able to focus more on your work.

Turn Off the Tap

After washing hands, turn off the tap properly and make sure you don’t leave the water dripping. Remember, your carelessness can cause someone else inconvenience, and it is wasteful. Therefore, it is one of the more significant washroom etiquette, and an  individual’s responsibility to save every drop of water.

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Throw Tissues in the Dustbin

Avoid throwing tissues in the commode. Instead, throw them in the dustbin. Dispose off your sanitary napkins in the dustbin too.

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Don’t Stay Inside the Washroom For Long

Of course, washroom isn’t a picnic spot and no one occupies the washroom unnecessarily, but some people do consider it the best spot to smoke and call someone. So don’t take much time in the washroom, and allow others to use it once you are done.

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Switch Off the Lights

Many people don’t care about switching off the lights and exhaust fan, but it’s quite uncivil. Being an employee or citizen of Pakistan, it is your duty to save energy and, in doing so, you must develop the habit of switching off the lights and exhaust fan when your work is finished in the washroom.

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It is the manners that distinguish one from others. So practice your washroom etiquette, and ask others to implement them too.

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