Karachi Has Been Struck By Another Heatwave, So Here Are 6 Useful Tips To Help You Get By

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The earth reached the highest temperature on record in 2016. It is expected that 2017 will be another year breaking all the previous heatwave records.

In reality, the Earth is heating up. Temperatures are heading toward levels that will pose a threat to bot nature and to human civilization. The temperature in most cities of Pakistan has crossed 40°C, and it is expected that it will go up to 50°C in a matter of weeks.

So to prepare yourself for the extreme heat, here are some safety measures.

1. Drink A Lot Of Water

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Drink as much water and other cold and refreshing fluids as you can to help you keep yourself properly hydrated in this hot weather.

2. Keep A Lump Of Onion On You

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Keep a lump of onion in your pocket. Onion absorbs excess the heat present in your body, therefore, help cool it down in the hot temperature. Onions are a great remedy to treat heat stroke as well.

3. Take Advantage Of The Water At Your Disposal

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Take advantage of cool water. Fill the tubs and soak your feet. Fill the spray bottles and keep spraying yourself time to time. Do this so your body can immediately cool down. As the water dries off, you will be refreshed. There is no limit to how many times you can do this.

4. Eat Fresh Foods

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Eat fresh foods that do not require using the oven or stove to prepare, like salads and sandwiches. Not only will they keep you cool, they will also keep you healthy which is what you need in a weather like this.

5. Make Use Of A Wet Cloth

Source: BBC

Keep a wet cloth with you and put it on your shoulder as well as your head especially when out in sun. This will help you cool down. This is a substitute to the spray bottle tip. You can’t always carry a spray bottle with you.

6. Keep Water Bottles Handy

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Keep extra water bottles with you when going out and make sure you are not dehydrated. This way you can also help a friend in need while you are out during a heatwave.

These are simple enough remedies to battle heatwave in an instant. Try them and let us know which one you prefer most.


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