6 Tips For Experiencing A Healthy Eid-ul-Azha!

eid ul azha health tips

Eid is soon but can one successfully apply these healthy Eid-ul-Azha tips to their Eid routine? Pakistan is busy with the preparations of this Holy occasion. It is a holiday that arrives only once a year, this is why people go overboard with its celebration. Even though you only get to consume a crazy amount of meat for almost three days or maximum a week but that can take a toll on your health. Moreover, eating excessive meat has its own consequences that continue on for long. One needs to be careful, no matter the tempting nature of the BBQ platter in front.



Healthy Eating During Eid – Why You Should Pursue It:

What are some of the ideas to keep in mind this Eid? Obviously, you cannot halt yourself from eating meat because barbecue is indeed life. You will have to do everything moderately and take a bit of extra caution. These Eid-ul-Azha health tips are for everyone and especially enforced for individuals that cannot handle immoderate eating continuously.

Walk After Eating:

This is a simple step that you can achieve even now after a meal. Walking actually helps in the digestion of food and decreases the chance of feeling restless at night. People that barely walk after eating food tend to wake up in the morning feeling either nauseous or feeling as if the food is sitting right at their throat. This is why you need to be extra careful after eating meat especially because it is unhealthy to consume meat during the night time. One shouldn’t eat fatty or heavy food at night, from the start.

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So if you pair it with not even pulling an effort to walk around then you can get sick in a couple of days. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if eating barbecue at 3 am and sleeping straight after never affects you, it has long-term effects. It becomes deadly in the end and you start gaining weight quickly as well.  Take some time out of your day and try to walk around for half an hour or an hour.

Don’t Eat Fried Meat:

Want to eat meat for a longer period of time but afraid of the oils? Go for the ones grilled on charcoals rather than cooking it in oil. These Eid-ul-Azha health tips would be nothing if they didn’t include the harmful consequences of oily meat. Even though grilled meat does have oil in it but it isn’t soaked up till the core like the ones thoroughly cooked in oil only.

eid ul azha health tips

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You will be spending more than three days of enjoying meat almost every hour. Therefore, the best effort would be to ensure that your body doesn’t experience additional fat. Not to mention, fried meat is generally unhealthy anyways. And should only be eaten in a limited quantity.



Tone It Down A Bit:

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The scrumptious meat in front would compel people to stick their fork within the meaty heaven straight away. However, be careful of the amount that you eat. You can consume as much as you want but there is a possibility that your body might not be able to handle the meat. Additionally, eating without a warning actually causes various gastric problems that continue on for weeks. Self-control would be an important feature within this point.

No Need To Go Hard On The Side Menu:

Bakra Eid isn’t all about the endless meat that one receives, it also involves the side-dishes that come along with it. Most of this includes sweet dishes which are usually desi sweets and cold drinks. If you don’t want to give up on fried meat then it is better to avoid cold drinks. The two together can be a deadly combination that could give you various stomach problems and a sore throat.

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Moreover, the perfect thing to do for your health is to avoid cold drinks altogether. They don’t provide any necessary nutrition and cause extra health issues. In the worst case, cold drinks’ long-term effect involves kidney failure as well. However, you need to keep everything in moderation; that is the key to healthy eating during Eid. Make sure that you eat charcoaled meat while drinking a controlled portion of fizzy drinks. Just try to find the perfect balance in between.

Pair Vegetables With The Meat:

Another easy and important step that most people forget is the fact that vegetables can be a life savior if you don’t want to compromise on the meat often. They dilute the dangerous effects of consuming meat for longer hours. Moreover, the eating schedule gets disrupted as well because every day you have meat served on your plate. It is necessary to understand that you should eat a healthy breakfast first.

eid ul azha health tips

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Then, as the meat hours begin, you should pair it with the lovely existence of vegetables or even fruits. Not only do they save you from future complications that meat promises, but it gives you an extra boost. Also, you don’t gain weight quickly as well.

Try Not To Eat Meat Continuously:

This is an obvious step but there are moments when one forgets the concept of time and eats as much as they can. There need to be breaks in between. You can’t just eat meat at lunch and expect to do so in any other hour as well. As mentioned above, everything needs to be about moderation. Ensure that you are giving a gap of at least 4 hours before you go towards your next meal.

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If you keep eating meat then that creates jumbled up toxins within your stomach. It can easily result in an upset stomach or on-going nausea throughout the rest of the day. This is a step that is extremely important for children because they are vulnerable to such situations. They keep eating whatever their taste buds find tasty. Lastly, it is the duty of the parents to confirm that the child is eating his vegetables and taking breaks in between. However, these precautions go for any other person as well, despite the age.



Nevertheless, all one must do during this occasion is enjoy their time while celebrating Eid but compromising on health would be a foolish decision.

What do you think of the situation? Will you apply any of these Eid-ul-Azha health tips to balance your health this Eid? Share your thoughts.

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