Here Are 6 Thoughts Some Women Have When They See Hairy Men!

Disclaimer: Questions mentioned in this article were given by women who have hairy husbands and these were the initial thoughts they had. The article is all fun and jokes. Dil pe nahi lega. Zara shughal scene hai bus. We love you too.

Men are beautiful just like every creation of God. They are confident in their skin and know how to carry themselves well. However, everyone has their own taste and some women prefer men with light or lesser hair on their bodies. On the other hand, there might be women who’d find hairy men more manly than the ones who have a lighter amount of hair on their body.

Having hair is absolutely natural. Men have it, women have it. But it is just the preference that varies. Some people like a lighter cup of coffee whereas some are die hard fans of a very strong coffee. This is exactly how some women are appealed to men with light hair.

1. Hairy Men Who Have Long Hair In Their Noses Is Just…Weird

Out of all the other places, while having face to face contact, a steady hair strand seems so prominent that it may make one awkward.

2. “Have These Men Ever Tried Making Braids From Their Chest Hair?”

If you are married to a hairy man, you can definitely start braiding his chest hair as a fun game. So exciting…

3.”Do Ever Think About Making Designs From Their Chest Hair?”

Who even needs Batman when you can have your own Superman with this extremely natural design? No costume required either. <3

4. “Do They Apply Shampoo To Their Hairy Chest?”

Please, you know the question makes so much sense. I mean, they have full grown chest hair so why not…?

5. “What If They Get Dandruff In Their Chest Hair?”

…Is that even possible?

6. “They Turn Out Completely Different When They Shave”

Ah, when the mighty beard is gone. One perfectly amazing thing about hairy men is their beard. The latest trend of a fully grown and nicely trimmed beard is super hot and a lot of women (including myself, hehe) adore it.

7. “Didn’t He Just Shave Yesterday?”

The growth of hairy men is really, really fast. Even if it is slow, it is instantly prominent on them. I mean, just within a day or so.

Like it or not but for men, it is their hair that plays the main role in their manliness. Oh and in their beard as well.


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