6 Things You Need To Know About an Introvert

1. Their need to be alone is not because they want to be away from you

Sometimes introverts need alone time. It’s their way to recharge. This does not mean that you’ve done something wrong and they want to get away from you.


2. They are not stuck up

A quiet demeanor does not equate to a haughty attitude. When introverts don’t overly contribute to a conversation, it’s usually because they’re being more observant than participatory.


3. They’re not huge fans of crowds

One of the things introverts won’t tell you is that they hate big gatherings and crowds. While extroverts recharge by being with people introverts prefer being alone. Their perfect Friday night would be at home alone rather than out partying.


4. Being an introvert doesn’t mean that they’re boring

Once they get comfortable with you introverts are some of the most fun people to be around. You’ll see a side of them you’ve never seen before. A side you never even knew existed.


5. Out of the blue phone calls are the worst for them

When looking for a technology-driven conversation, opt for a typed message. Out-of-the-blue phone conversations tend to feel intrusive to introverts.

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6. They feel safe with the right people

They have a small circle of people with whom they feel completely safe and let their inner self out. One should feel lucky to be in that circle.


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