6 Things Men Should Learn To Step-up Their Game Before Getting Married

With all my friends getting married and me sitting here thinking about my life, I decided to make a list of things that every man should know before he decides to get married.

Trust me, if Brad Pitt knew these things, Angelina would have still been with him!

How to cook food

In this day and age, people assume that cooking food is exclusively assigned to the wife because the male typically stays out for work. Even though, it is practiced and fair to a certain extent (from a male’s point of view), the wife is under no obligation to carry it out.

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If she does, it is only because she wants to. She is neither ordered to by the religion or the state to do it as a compulsion. But for once, imagine being in your wife’s shoes. Cooking every day can become boring and a hassle.

So, if your wife wants to take a day off from preparing meals for you, surprise her by cooking her favorite dish or serving her breakfast in bed once after a while. Grant her the break that she deserves!

How to control anger

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It is not uncommon to see how people get angry over petty things and always spark arguments. Controlling anger not only saves you from doing anything stupid that you might later regret, it also helps the other person (if they are getting angry) in calming down.

It is not easy to do, but once you are able to do it, you will save yourself, your house and your children from all the negative consequences of anger.

How to not let khandan ki batain control your emotions

source: Tumblr

source: Tumblr

We don’t realize it but we associate a lot of our happiness with the approval of our family and the people around us. Which is why, it can be tough to control our sadness and disappointment when someone we hold dear, speaks anything remotely against us.

The only thing that can help us survive through this situation is by confronting the reality that we cannot keep everyone happy. We should do everything to serve our home and our family but other people and their words do not matter.

How to take care of children

source: afv.com

source: afv.com

Guys often lack this important life skill just because they do not realize its significance. Children are often left to grow and nurture under the care of their mothers. For the best development of a child’s personality and other traits, it is important that both the mother and the father give equal attention and unconditional support.

Both, the mother and the father should take up child psychology classes to understand what they should and shouldn’t do while raising children!

How to Wash and Iron Clothes

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Again! A chore that has been unilaterally associated with the wife! In essence, it comes under the category of personal hygiene. The husband should know how this is done so he can take care of his clothes himself.

And most importantly

How to make chai

Chai is now an important part of almost everyone’s daily routine. And there is nothing more considerate and affectionate than someone realizing that you’re tired and making a cup of tea for you without you even asking for it.

Imagine living with someone who understands how hard you’ve worked and does everything to help you feel better. Marriages, in their core, work because two people not only respect each other, but also know how they’re feeling. If not always, then most of the times 🙂

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