Every Girl Who Wears Make-Up Needs Try These 6 Things In Summer To Keep Her Skin Fresh!

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All girls out there, I know we can’t resist doing make-up every day. Some haters might be jealous of you because you look pretty and they can’t handle it. But who cares?  Summers can also not beat us. I know it’s hot and unbearable to wear make-up on sunny days at university or college but you don’t have to worry now. I have got the perfect solution for you.

Just follow these simple tips to look gorgeous even on sunny days as well as regular. Here you go:

1. Use An Oil-Free Face Wash:

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Cleanse your skin by using a face wash that suits you the best. Avoid the oily ones because they will make you look more greasy. Wash your face not only in the morning but every time when you visit the washroom. This will make you remain fresh and your skin will glow.

2. Apply Sunscreen With Proper Ingredients:

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Once you have washed your face now you are ready to apply makeup on your skin. In summers, before you apply anything else, make sure to use sunblock. This will block all the ultra waves that may damage your skin.

3. Use BB-Cream Instead of Foundation:

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Now that you have applied sunscreen, it’s now time to use the BB cream. It can be of any company that complements your skin color. Also, BB-creams are rather lighter to wear on a sunny day than any foundation.

4. Face Coverage:

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After applying BB cream, just simply set it with a good face powder. This will give you a fresh look. But make sure that you use the powder which matches the skin shade.

5. A Proper Something For Your Lips:

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Ah! Never apply any glossy stuff on your lips. Please, girls, you have to stop doing that. Go for matte ones, they look perfect on sunny days. Also be careful while choosing the color. You can wear light pinks, peaches or nude colors.

6. Also:

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Drink a lot of water, eat fruits, vegetables. These heavenly things make your skin glow. Also, always wipe your makeup off in 3-4 hours because after that it starts absorbing dust. If at home, wash your face with water. And if outside, keep wipe tissues with you. They are life savers. And girls… here’s an advice, just don’t let your hair remain open on sunny days because they make you look weird.

Stay fresh, stay glowing.

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