6 Thing To Remember When You Feel Like Giving Up

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Do you feel like giving up? Do you think you’re stuck at a certain level in life? Something you once felt so passionate about now feels tedious and mundane? Well, it’s alright, it’s in human nature but the thing that matters the most is how you conduct yourself at that point, how you carry yourself when you’re defeated, when everyone thinks you’re falling apart but you’re still hanging in there and hustling.

Here are 6 things to remember when you feel like you’re falling apart:

  • Remember Why you Started

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Remember that you started this journey for a pivotal reason. Remembering the reasons why you started all this will help you understand that this is one of the hoops that you have to flip through, when crisis takes place in your life, when the message of misery visits you, So what are the reasons that will keep you moving forward & they will push you, motivate you and you’ll be able to start again.

  • When One Door Closes, 10 More Open

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When you go through life many doors will be closed, many loans that you’ll want, they’ll say No!! you don’t have credit. you are not eligible and that’s when you feel rejection, denial and you feel like life has closed all the doors of opportunities for you but that’s not true, when life closes one door, it also opens 10 more for you but sometimes you can’t see it right, Always know that whatever life denied you, it is because something better is and will come along, so don’t lose faith.

  • You Deserve Better

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Yes you got that right you do deserve better!! you’re not here in this world just to earn an average living and die NO NO!! you are here to enjoy, also to discover this world with love and live the kind of life that you dream of, so think about the feeling you got when you visualized all of the possibilities that could make it happen. Keep telling yourself that you are unique and that you can make a difference regardless of the odds and the situation that you’re in.

  • Your Dream is Calling You

    Source: We Heart It

Your dreams are important, Neal Donald Walsh once said, “Never deny passion, for that it is to deny who you are and who you truly want to be.”  Understand that you are here because you refused to live like a common man and now that you are here you must go towards your passion in life. Don’t deny those feelings of being successful and happy in life because they are exactly why you are here, to embrace them, to live them each day.

  • You’re Not Alone

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Don’t be afraid to reach out and find people. It’s okay to ask for help at times, trust in the goodness of others. You are not alone. Albert Schweitzer once wrote, “At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.” And don’t act when you’re under the effect of what’s going on, just rebuild your mind, take a step back just collect more information or data and come back with more power with more energy & guts.

  • Never Give Up

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The key is to remember who you are and who you want to be, never think about giving up & I suggest you delete that word from your mind because all these emotions and hurdles of life & all moments of weakness and doubt will pass, But if you quit, however, it will last forever. There is no limitation for you, you can be like you wanna so don’t listen to that voice that tells you that something isn’t going to work out or you can’t make it because you can and not only this is important but it’s necessary that you never give up.

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