6 Reasons Why FAST University Students Have The Toughest University Lives!

Yes, you read it right.

FAST might be the oldest computer sciences university in Pakistan – it might also have one of the best faculty and programs in Pakistan, but students studying in FAST know that this university causes the most tasking time of your life. It is almost as if the university admin is actively trying to make the lives of students as difficult as possible.

Going to FAST is like signing your own death certificate; you will have no social or personal life and your entire time will be spent either in classes or by doing homework and tones of assignments. In short, you are dead once you become a FASTIAN.

Here are a few of the reasons why FASTIANS have the toughest life out of all university students in Pakistan, especially the ones studying in the Karachi campus.

1. Every Day Is A Battle To Survive

The university is in Bhains colony. This is not just a name rather it is one of the main characteristics of this area. Almost everyone there raises cattle and sells cows to the market. There are also quite a few milk distributors in the area.

2. The Campus Is Too Damn Far!

It’s really far, even for people who live near the airport! It’s on the bloody highway!

FAST university

The university is located between a truck stop and a JAIL. Feeling safe and secure with 2000 others. 

truck jail parhlo

3. Getting Transport, Especially Early In The Morning Is Impossible

 parhlo fast12

4. Your Life Is Over The Second You Get Your Class Schedule

Classes start at 9am and end at 6pm. Remaining part of the day will be devoted in doing homework, working in computer labs or studying for quizzes and exams!

5. Although it’s not an all-boys school, the ratio is just so wrong!

Full Londa Scene Hai Yaha, Bro!

On average, the ratio of girls to be is 1 on 10. With most of the guys frustrated, Fastians have started making computer dating software and virtual girlfriend apps.


6. There Are Way Too Many Campuses And Not Enough People

There is too much campus space and not enough people to occupy it. A FAST student could walk for miles in the Karachi campus before he sees another FAST student.

But in the end of all the torture…

fast parhlo 11

You get one of the best Computer Science degrees in Pakistan and job placement in awesome places like Google and Microsoft. Let’s just say, studying in FAST is worthwhile!

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