6 Problems of Every Youngest Child Of The Family Faces

Coming across many articles related to being a middle child and blah, I being the youngest felt like telling the pain of being the so called “spoiled brat, takes things for granted, hasn’t really seen the hardships of real life” and what not. Yes, that’s what we get to hear. While you nag about whatever numbered child you are, being the youngest is not fun too. We are mostly famous for being the favorite of our parents but that’s not the case.

1. “Bare Bhai Behen Se Kuch Seekho!!!”


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We are judged throughout our damn lives on what our siblings did and are capable of and if they can do it why cant you?? And most of the statements begin with *when your sister was your age, she was cleaning the whole house*. Okay, well in that case, let her be the Cinderella! *when your sister was your age, she was getting rishta offers* Okay, well in that case, she hasn’t been a good bahu! And here comes the flying chappal. Cursed on bluntness.

2. Gazz Lambi Zaban? Her It Comes Flying Chappal


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And then they teach you from a young age not to tell lies. Tell the truth and get another lecture on *aik gazz lambi zabaan*. So basically what they mean is, *tell the truth which favors them*

3. Log Kya Kahenge?


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From education to professional life, you have to hear about your siblings choices first and then the scrutiny begins. *BBA kerogi??? Log kya kahenge, behen bhai itnay parhay likhay aur tum bus khaali BBA??*

4. BBA? Nobody Do This Now!


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When you get your first job, you are too excited which goes down in drain in a few seconds because *your salary is peanuts, your siblings earned so well, isilie kaha tha BBA na kero ab loag kya kahenge???*

Rishta Offer


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When you finally get a rishta offer, *loag kya kahenge?? Aik daamaad highly qualified aur doosra sirf MBA?*

Shayd Kachre Kay Dabbe Se He Utha Kay Lae Thay


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When you become a parent, *your sister’s kids are so well mannered, now your kids need to compete with them* That’s when you realize maybe your siblings were right. MUJHE KACHRAY K DABBAY SE UTHA K LAAYE THAY.

Dear Parents, this is how some kids turn a complete psychopath. Please stop comparing us to each other. We are your children, not two different brands of hand-wash.

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