Slumdog Millionaires; 6 People Who Hit The Jackpot By Accident!

Slumdog Millionaires; 6 People Who Hit The Jackpot By Accident!

Here’s a list of six people who epitomize the meaning of luck; they accidentally hit the jackpot, and now they’re millionaires. We could learn a thing or two from them:

1. Kevin Lewis:

When Caesar’s Entertainment announced it was giving away $1 million prizes away, Kewin Lewis just happened to be at the Horseshoe Casino, where one of these prizes was being given away, on the 13th of August 2013.

Out of a thousand, his name was pulled out of a lucky draw, and he went forward and received it.

During the verification process, the Casino found out that this was another Kevin Lewis, not the one from the draw.

In a bizarre move, the Casino came ahead to apologize for the mix-up, and awarded a separate $1 million prize to the intended Lewis, without taking money back from the first one!



2. Richard and Betty James;

When Richard, a tool worker saw a spring coil fall and bounce off the floor, in his workshop, he thought this would make a good toy for his children and took it home.

Soon enough, he and his wife, Betty, decided to sell these “Slinky’s”, as they called them. They put 400 of these spring coil toys on display at a local department store and instantly sold almost all. They became billionaires as the business thrived.

Although Richard died broke because he donated all his money to a cult, Betty revived the business after his business only to become a millionaire once again.



3. Thales Panigides;

The guy in Brazil was just looking to set up an export business near a beach, for he loves beaches. He met a Greek expat who was making bikinis for export. He bought ten and posted them on Ebay, seven of which were bought instantly. That has now culminated into, largest distributor of bikinis.

Panigides is probably chilling at the beach with his bikini models as we speak!



4. Josh Abramson and Ricky Van Reen;

Meet the creators of The two high-school buddies, Josh and Rick, decided to launch this website so the two could keep in touch after going off to different colleges.

The site was meant for the two only, as a way to share the amusing and funny stories and incidents at their colleges.

It first became popular with their friends and family, and in just the span of six years, the website is one of the leading sources of funny content on the internet.

And the two buddies are billionaires.

ricky josh

5. Hui Leo Gao;

Things don’t end up too well this one. Co-owner of a gas station in New Zealand, this guy received 1oo times the money that he applied for an overdraft protection, $100,000, because someone at the bank made an error.

When Gao realised this, he withdrew $6.8 million and transferred it to bank accounts in China and  Hong Kong, and fled to Hong Kong with his girlfriend.

A month or two later, the bank noticed the error and Gao was extradited to New Zealand. He is now facing charges of theft.



6. Joseph Morrah;

When the wife of this 61-year old truck driver in Pennsylvania realized that the family had forgotten to give him a gift on Father’s Day, she put in a $20 lottery ticket inside a card to give to him.

That lottery ticket materialized and was worth $1 million.





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