6 Pakistani Creative Projects That Are Going Big!

Pakistanis are fueled with innovation, creativity and inspiration. These projects initiated with a basic agenda to make a difference through public services and today they are expanding nationwide to establish an example of  true dedication to follow;

1. Super Savari Express

The tour and site-seeing bus service started off with a basic idea to promote cultural heritage and instigate city ownership in Karachi, but today the project has expanded till Islamabad and across and is becoming the talk of the town nationally within a year!

Hop on to one of their buses, for a memorable ride around your city!


source: supersavariexpress


2. Tripda

Tripda is an online carpooling application created for people to share rides in a fun, easy and safe way. The innovative yet feasible idea has captured attention all over the country as people are enjoying easy transportation from Karachi to Hyderabad and Islamabad to Lahore and beyond.  Need a ride? Book now.


source: tripda


3. Ideacentricity- Get Rixi

Rixi service uses mobile phone signals of drivers to track their locations, and alerts them via SMS or phone call if a ride request has been received in their proximity to connect them to passengers in need.

Considered as an alternative to ‘Uber’ for Rickshaws, Rixi gives you an option based on price and customer rating. The Rixi driver reaches within 15 minutes. The start up is gaining increasing popularity and also satisfying the low income rickshaw drivers in need.


source: Ideacentricity


4. Reading Room Project

Reading Room Project (RRP) builds outstanding learning environments for low-income student by giving them access to digital technologies and learning over the internet. RRP teaches these students  how to use computers, the Internet and a vast array of educational web resources.

Although located in a small apartment near Shah Rasool Colony, the project is making headlines for coming up with such an unique idea and introducing smart education.


source: RRP


5. Counselling Pakistan

Counselling Pakistan is a project that aims to guide Pakistani students in search for a university that suits them best; at home or abroad.

 Students all over Pakistan can access Counselling Pakistan’s services through an extensive online and social media presence and can seek guidance regarding the universities they need to look into, what regions suit them best, and what areas do they need to improve most to land them into their dream school.

Started in 2013, today the interface has successfully facilitated three thousand students from the country.


source: counsellingpakistan



6. Karachi – My Love

 ‘Karachi, my love’ is the first project initiated by AIESEC in IBA.  Interns from various parts of the world will be joining  to improve the image of Pakistan and its people. With an adventurous stay in the city of lights, they shall learn to grasp aspects that can only be known by experiencing the ideal Pakistani lifestyle, culture and food.

Log on to their page to read what foreigners have to say about our beloved city.

Although the project is still in progress, the idea in itself is leading the crowd with a storm.


source: Aiesec



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