6 Pakistani Politicians Who Are A Ph.D. Yes, Even Nawaz Sharif Is One of Them

It’s hard to believe but yes, these politicians are a Ph.D. What? Are you thinking they have earned it? Oh, C’mon! Stop kidding yourself, it’s the honorary degree we are talking about…  “Degree, Degree Hoti Hai… Asli Ho Ya Honorary!”

1)  Rehman Malik – Ph.D. (Karachi University)

He was awarded an honorary Ph.D. degree for promoting peace.


     2) Imran Khan – Ph.D. (Royal College of Physicians)

He was awarded an honorary Ph.D. degree for his philanthropic initiatives.


3)  Qaim Ali Shah – Ph.D. (Shah Abdul Latif University)

For his services towards democracy, Qaim Ali Shah was awarded a Ph.D. degree.

Qaim Ali Shah

4) Nawaz Sharif  – Ph.D. (Government College University Lahore)

He was awarded an honorary degree for his invaluable services to Pakistan.


5) Mustafa Kamal – Ph.D. (Mohammad Ali Jinnah University)

As a token of appreciation for administering Karachi effectively, Mustafa Kamal was awarded an honorary Ph.D. degree.


6) Mohammad Sarwar – Ph.D. (University of West of Scotland (UWS))

The ex-governor of Punjab, Mohammad Sarwar was also awarded an honorary Ph.D. degree.

 Mohammad Sarwar phd

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