6 Innovative Entrepreneurs Making A Difference in Pakistan

Pakistan is budding with talent each day. Here’s to these talented individuals making Pakistan proud!

1. Fiza Farhan

Founder of Buksh Foundation, a micro-finance organization that helps bring clean energy projects to rural areas of Pakistan


2. Faraz Khan

CEO and Founder of SEED – Social, Entrepreneurship and Equity Development which focuses on micro-finance investments


3. Mashall Chaudhri

Mashall is the Founder and Director of Operations of Reading Room Project (RRP), which uses the Internet and blended learning to teach Pakistani low-income students how to self-learn


4. Hamza Bhatti

He is the CEO of the BSU Lahore University and is considered to be the youngest entrepreneurs of Pakistan.


5. Salma Jafri

She is the founder of the WorldPL.net which is a portal that helps young entrepreneurs who want to advertise and publish their content by the help of media.


6. Sidra Qasim

She is the founder of Markhor today, through which she sells handicraft shoes online. Markhor is a portal which is different from others and sells handicraft shoes in the world.


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