6 Incredible Pakistani Makeup Artists That Will Transform You Forever

With the make-up scene in Pakistan hitting an all-high stride, we decided to make a list of the crazy talented MUA’s (make-up artists, obviously) that you can follow for make-up tips, the hottest trends, and that you can trust to go to for those fancy events when you need to turn into Beyoncé.

1. Rija Bakhtiar

jhjh copysource: rijabakhtiar

Make-Up Inspiration:  “My makeup usually focuses on brows, flawless skin and perfect lashes. My inspiration is ‘Huda Beauty’!” 

Features to Highlight: “Eyebrows and lashes play a very important role. With a good shade of lipstick, you can enhance your makeup look. A good eyebrow kit and a good pair of lashes will do wonders. 

Make-Up Don’ts:  “Going overboard when it comes to eyebrows or outlining lips will ruin your makeup always…one should keep it natural and neat.”


2. Amna Farhad

bhkjhk copysource: makeupbyamnafarhad

Make-Up Inspiration: “My inspiration for contouring comes from the master of contour and highlight, Samer Khouzami! I was glad I took his online live makeup session because I always admired his work! As for my eye makeup looks, I get inspired by various Instagram MUAs. Also, when I am doing a make over, I spend most of the time on eye makeup as I can’t take the sight of unblended eyeshadows!”

Features to Highlight: Eyes! Everyone really should know what kinda eyeliner would suit their eyes. Not all eye shapes can carry super dramatic winged liner or a very dark kohl smudged on their lower waterline. Also, when going for a liquid liner, it should be kept into consideration that it dries matte and not shiny! NYC liquid liner is one of my favourites!”

Make-Up Don’ts:  “Don’t cake on foundation! Make sure you are blending it towards your neck. And also, don’t forget to blend out your blush.”

3. Hania Moin

BeFunky Collage copysource: damnsheknows

Make-Up Inspiration:  My makeup inspiration comes from trying to enhance my own features, and follow the shape that I naturally have. I also have a blog post on ‘Your Eye shape and What Makeup is Suitable’. You are your own makeup inspiration!”

Features to Highlight: Looking at the eyebrows first, then the eyes. That is the main grab, also contouring! Which is all about your face shape. But my main focus is always the Eyebrows, for which I always use Rimmel London Eyebrow pencil.

Make-Up Don’ts: The biggest don’t of all that people usually do, is NOT blending! That includes eye makeup, foundation, contouring – anything! The makeup is perfect, but if you find one thing that isn’t blended? It destroys the whole look. 

4. Simra k. Sheikh

12919712_1726321670938452_7953493047791888736_n copysource: artistrybysimra

Make-Up Inspiration: “My makeup inspirations are; BabsBeauty, I really like the way she does her foundation and concealing routine. HudaBeauty, a motivation to me and reading up on how she’s started her career is absolutely amazing. MyPaleSkinBlog – knowing her story and how people used to degrade her because of her skin, but how she made herself strong and fought against the negativity is a boost to my motivation. One should ignore all the negativity around them. The more famous you become, people start to put you down. And boys, girls like to put makeup on because, yes, they feel a lot more confident by enhancing their own beauty.”

Features to Highlight: “Many girls ask me how to achieve a matte look or how I manage to bring a smoothness with colour and full coverage on the face. A lot of girls don’t use face or translucent powders to set the foundation or concealing, and after a while it becomes all oily and moves – especially living in Karachi, where you need a good amount of setting powder. Laura Mercier’s translucent setting powder is the best, but I also make my own translucent powder for everyday use without having any chemicals mixed in it.

Make-Up Don’ts:  ” When girls only use foundation, concealer with a lipgloss or a lipstick – girls, you need to focus on just a hint of colour on your cheeks, otherwise, you’re going to look like a blob! So top off with a blush of your personal preference if you have to wear makeup everyday. And blending is a must. The two secrets behind blending foundations are: 1- A face primer. 2- A buffing brush. Blending totally depends on powder or cream contour brushes. A SUPER MAJOR makeup don’t I want to mention is when girls who do not have problematic skin use a heavy weight or full coverage foundation, and look extremely cakey. Applying a colour corrector, concealer and baking with banana or brightening powders and setting with translucent powders gives you full coverage and look very natural.”

5. Qirat Baber

1914636_1005810652788024_4135548783059953338_n copysource: makeupbyqb

Features to Highlight: “YES, your eyes! It’s the first thing anyone comes in contact with when they are talking, they look into your eyes! Make sure you have concealed and powdered them correctly, a thin eyeliner and lots of mascara will emphasize your entire look.”

Make-Up Don’ts:  “I have some key make up don’ts! Skipping a lip color, overdoing your eyebrows, using a black eye pencil or eyebrow powder on your eyebrows and using too light of a concealer for your under eyes can really ruin a look! One should avoid applying makeup on dry flaky skin, and should make sure your skin is prepped properly. Wearing an entire eye palette on your lids (trust me, they don’t look nice) is also something you don’t need to do to look great! Don’t forget your sunblock, and clean your skin well!”

6. Aaminah Butt

BeFunky Collage copysource: aaminahB.

Make-Up Inspiration: For as long as I can remember I was into colors, creativity, curious and always experimenting with things. Playing dress up was my favorite thing to do, be it with my Barbie, myself or friends and family; cutting their hair and doing their makeup with my gel pens. Whenever my sister or mother would dress up I would always position next to them and notice each and everything they did and always gave an opinion on what color and shade of makeup would look better!  I use of a lot of different colors in the looks I create; I feel each color individually has its own significance, whereas the play of blending them together has its own charm. My inspiration has always been my surroundings, I always keep looking around – there is a lot to take inspiration from, be it people, nature or life.

Features to Highlight:  “Well I truly believe that Allah has made every individual in a different way, gifting them with a very unique feature. Understanding your facial structure is the main game. So according to me, everyone should thoroughly study their face, trying out different techniques and shades that suit them best. Honestly speaking with my personal experience, I don’t think that ONLY big brands and expensive makeup can help you achieve your desired look, it’s the skill that makes or breaks the look! To name a few very easily available and non-bank breakers; Maybelline, Krolyn , L’Oreal , Be ‘cute , Femina.”


Make-Up Don’ts: “The misconception of “the fairer the prettier” is killing the concept of beauty, and a face and neck being two different contrasting shades really makes one look artificial. Never apply makeup on dry and flaky skin, as your base/foundation will always break out! Don’t overdo mascara, clumped mascara is always a distracting and messy looking. Another major don’t is when you see girls going nuts with their kajal. Excessive kajal, especially smudged under your water line looks untidy – unless you are headed to a Gothic themed party!”

Lastly, the one thing they all had to say for make-up beginners!

Hania Moin“Here’s my advice to them; as a beginner we’re scared to make a mess because we know we aren’t good enough yet, and want a 10 on our first try. No! Make a mess, be fearless about it. Learn! Only a mess will make you neat next time. Try different looks with no thought of getting a 10, it’s just a try. :)” 

Hania Moin

Rija Bakhtiar“Makeup is very addictive and one must learn to go out without makeup too. Never let makeup define you. Do makeup according to your face and get inspiration from different makeup artists, but come up with your own original looks! And please do not use copies of any good brand instead of that opt for drugstore brand or else it can damage your skin.”

Simra K. Sheikh: “All I wanted to say to makeup beginners is what I mentioned before. Those are some tips that I apply on myself, you should never lose confidence and trust yourself with what you can do and what you’re good at. Practice makes you better!”

12899860_1726324180938201_1035565794_nSimra K. Sheikh

Amna Farhad“It’s important to prep your skin (cleanse, moisturise and prime) before your foundation application for a smooth and a long lasting foundation base!”

Qirat Baber“Take your time understanding your skin and your best features, not everything is suited for each person. Try products and buy them, research on your products before buying them. Take proper training for makeup, and to sum it up, just be you! It’s inner beauty that matters most!”

12548982_1294194590594521_8142759053910480839_nQirat Baber


Aaminah Butt“Follow your dreams, passions and your love for things– never give up! Learning never ends. It’s a life long process, so take all criticism positively. I never knew that I’d learn make up at the renowned London College of Makeup – but I worked towards it. Soon after I was working with Pheby Haroon – an inspiring entrepreneur who further helped me boost my confidence. Always remember the 2 important “P’s” in makeup; Passion and Practice! And believe me, when a make up artist gets a happy, satisfied face walking out of their studio, that feeling is magical ! Makeup artists are magicians – They make people happy by making them feel beautiful.”

Source: Aaminah Butt
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