You Need To Know About These 6 Home Remedies For Treating Flu, Backed By Science!


The season of winters is upon us and so is that time of the year when we are surrounded by dirty tissues, medicines, and our bodies are drenched in feeling drained and downright exhausted. Just when we thought that the winter season was enough to make us lazy, flu becomes the cherry on the top of a not-so-delicious-cake and takes it toll on us.

If you are a person who has a weak immune system (raises her hand), antibiotics are not the perfect solution to cure the seasonal flu which one may get more often in this season.

Instead of depending on pills and syrup, try something new this time. Save yourself, most importantly your immune system, by trying one of these home remedies that are scientifically proven as well. Most importantly, they are also approved by our desi mothers.

1. Staying Hydrated

The first solution of almost every seasonal attack is water. This element of the world possesses countless advantages and covers a lot of important aspects in the case of flu, as well. Drinking at least 7 glasses of water tackles a number of early flu symptoms, including keeping the mucus thin (which expels flu), keeps the eyes from drying and keeps the mucous membranes filled and moist.

2. Warm Honey and Lemon Water

Drinking lemon and honey water has a lot of benefits, including weight loss and flu. Adding lemon and organic honey boosts vitamin and soothes throat as well. This particular combination makes an acidic environment that helps in the hostility of viruses and bacteria.

3. Chicken Soup (With Required Ingredients)

Tried and tested by many all around the world, chicken soup is a home remedy which is scientifically proven to prevent and fight the flu. Chicken soup (chicken broth) helps in stopping Neutrophils (White Blood Cells) from causing inflammation, congregating and from developing mucus.

Adding garlic to the soup gives it an additional boost. Garlic kills the flu germs and also stimulates and increases the natural killer cells in the body. Adding chili red pepper flakes increases the decongestant power of the dish as well.

4. Wearing Wet Socks

Warm wet socks draws blood to feet, clearing congestion and easing fever. By drawing blood to the feet, blood circulation in body increases.

To practice this, soak your feet in warm, hot water. Then soak your cotton socks in a slightly cold water. Before going to bed, put on your socks. By the time you wake up in the morning, the wet socks will be dry and warm and due to the blood circulation, it will make you better.

5. Take Steam (With Specific Addition)

Steam is one of the most effective home remedies to cure the flu. Add 6 to 10 thyme oil drops in boiling hot water and inhale the water vapors by keeping your head covered.

Additional tip: gargling with warm salt water also helps in soothing pain.

6. Ginger Tea

Having a cup or two of ginger tea is extremely effective. Ginger plays a significant role in blocking the elements that cause bronchial stuffiness and congestion. Addition to this, ginger as gingerols that are natural cough suppressants. So add garlic to your regular cup of tea (minus the milk) and enjoy.

With flu spreading all over our country in this season, follow these home remedies and save yourself from the draining flu.



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