6 Healthy Eating Places in Pakistan You Must Check Out if You Are a Fitness Freak

Amidst an increase in diseases such as obesity, heart strokes, diabetes etc., the world sees a change in people’s lifestyle as they are becoming more health conscious. People are now adopting healthier eating habits to help them remain fit and active. In Pakistan, a similar trend can be seen as more people face obesity issues. That is one reason because of which Pakistanis are now incorporating healthy activities into their lifestyle. These activities include yoga, fitness camps, cycling etc.

Along with these activities, it is important that one pays special attention to their diet. This is because if one only exercises and eat loads of high-calorie foods, then it would not be beneficial. To help you adopt a healthier lifestyle, Jovago Pakistan has compiled a list of healthy eating places in the three major cities of Pakistan.

Nadoz Greenz – Lahore


Source: 24seven.pk

If you are someone who is a foodie yet who wants to eat healthy then look no further. Nandoz Greens is the perfect place to eat green. It offers a wide range of  salads, vegetables and herbs to choose from.

Arammish – Lahore


Source: vmag.pk

Although this place is famous for its fitness centre, it offers some delicious food for all those people who want to keep an eye on what they eat.

 N’eco’s – Karachi


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At N’eco’s, you will find a large variety of organic and whole wheat items. It also offers gluten-free and vegan food. For breakfast omelets, Muesli and French toasts are a must try at N’eco’s. To help you incorporate and maintain a healthy lifestyle, N’eco’s provides organic giveaways.

Pure Health Cafe – Karachi


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The Canadian food chain with the same name has recently opened its doors for all those people who are conscious about what they eat’. A variety of scrumptious yet nutritious food items is offered by the cafe. They even have a single dessert comprising of fruit yogurt on their menu.

Evergreen – Karachi


Source: Evergreen

Offering fresh salads, noodles bowls and gourmet sandwiches on its menu, this is the perfect place for all those corporate people who want to have a quick lunch. The promise of fresh and healthy food is delivered by this place despite it being a little heavy on the pocket.

Go Organic – Islamabad


Source: facebook.com/Gorganicpk/photos

Go organic is an amazing place to dine at if you are looking forward to something beautiful and remarkable in your plate. The perk of this place offering organic food acts as the cherry on the top. Its menu includes burgers, sandwiches, hummus, shawarma etc. They offer organic groceries and even organize an organic market on weekends. Moreover, Go Organic has a gym as well where you can head out and burn all those extra calories.

The opening of all these restaurants and cafes is helping Pakistanis adopt a more healthy lifestyle. The healthy lifestyle is We hope that this healthy initiative will prove to be fruitful for Pakistan in the long term. If you know about any other eating places that offer healthy yet scrumptious food,  then do share it with us in the comments section below.


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