6 Greatest Pakistani Festivals You Did Not Know About

You might have never heard about these 6 Pakistani festivals before…



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Where: Kalaash Valley, Chitral
May second week, held every year
Main Activities:
Movement from one valley to another, folk dancing, musical shows, exchange of edible dishes.

This three day festival starts at Rumbur valley and then move on to the other 2 valleys, Bhamboreet and Barir. The festival also involves praying for safety and well being of their fields & animals and as a token of thanks and honor, they shower their gods with milk.


Jashn e Gilgit

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Where: Gilgit, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Sometime between Oct – Nov every year, lasts 10 days.
Main Activities:
Local games, tug of war, wrestling, exhibitions of local handicrafts, regional cuisines and attires.

This festival is to showcase the local talent of Gilgit Baltistan and is organized in allignment with the Shandur Polo festival. This event gathers huge crowds from all over the country each year where people can enjoy the beauty of the place along with experiencing their colorful culture and delicious cuisines.



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Where: Kunjerab Pass, Punjab
When: Changes every year.
Main Activities: Car racing, sight seeing, cultural shows, musical programs

This car ralley is held at a height of 4000 meters on the point where Khunjerab meets with the China Border on the Himalaya trail.  The journey to the point from Lahore is absolutely spectacular with views on some of the most beautiful mountains in the world and upon reaching the point the participants are recieved with utmost hospitality. People can participate both as just a tourist or a competitor in the program.



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Where: Sibi, Baluchistan
When: Last week of February, every year
Main Activities: Cattle and horse shows, cultural performances, camel racing and animal markets.

This festival has been going on in different ways since the 15th century when people used to gather to discuss the development and safety of their cattle and horses. When the Britishers entered the sub continent they converted it into a festival attracting crowds from all over Baluchistan and some parts of Sindh and Punjab as well. The festival still happens every year with tons of amazing activities for all to enjoy.



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Photo: At the altar of Malosh in Bumburet, the spirit of deceased tribal elders Kamao and Gashta are honoured by making sacrificing in their name.

Where: Kalaash,Chitral
When: December
Main Acitivities:
Dancing, praying, sacrificing animals,  acknowledging and recognizing those who do good for their community, signing religious songs and playing drums.

Chowmas is the festival of winters held in Kalaash. Interesting thing about this religious festival is that all 3 valleys of Kalaash are closed to Muslims for 3 days and those who live in the valley are not allowed to be a part of their festivities. They dance together and pray for the upcoming year to be filled with joy and happiness.



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Where: Islamabad
March or April every year
Main Activities:
Showcasing the culture of Pakistan through dances, handicrafts, cuisines etc.

Lok Mela is the festival to celebrate the diverse culture of Pakistan. In this festival people come from all 4 provinces to enjoy the variety our country has to offer. Entertainment is provided by dancers and artists from all over the country and its the one stop shop for all those people who are interested in cultural art and handicrafts.

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