6 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About PTV!

6 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About PTV!

1. It was founded on the 26th of November 1964, by an international-sector organization NEC, under license from the Government of Pakistan.


Source: blogs.tribune.com.pk

2.The first broadcast was from a small pilot TV Station established at Lahore from where transmission was first beamed in Black & White with effect from 26 November 1964.


Source: en.wikipedia.org


3. Khuda ki Basti, was the first drama serial of PTV and was telecasted in 1969.


Source: Flickr

4.Unlike other state-run corporations, the television company was allowed by the Government of Pakistan to raise a sizable amount of private capital to finance the stations.


Source: www.thenewstribe.com

5. It censors commercials and holds a conservative standard as compared to other channels.


Source: www.sialnews.com

6. PTV operates an amazing number of 10 channels.


Source: www.pakimag.com

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