6 Epic Questions You Want To Ask People Who Date a Gora/Gori!

Here are some questions that you would love to ask people dating a Gora/Gori!

1. Hygiene

Their hygiene is very different, how do you cope with that?


Ganday! tissue se sab saaf kertay hain!

2. Eat

How can you kiss those lips that eat pork ?


Pig ka taste tou nahi aata?

3. Intimacy

How you can get intimate with someone who does not use Muslim shower ? How can you allow them to sit in your bed ?


4. Hands

Did you ever shake hands with them thinking, have they washed them?


5. Convert them

Have you guys ever talked about religion?


Bhabhi ko Muslamaan kab ker rahay ho?

6. STD

How do you ensure they don’t have any ?



Unka tou jis se dil kerta hai lagay paray rehtay hain!

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