6 Embarrassing Rituals You See In Pakistani Wedding Ceremonies

A wedding in our culture is not a union of two people or even two families; it is a full-fledged circus. There is the tightrope walk across the arrangements, there are flying angels (sisters of groom and bride), the expert financiers (phophoos and khalas), and the entertainers (typical aunties and uncles) and obviously the spectaculars (bachelors and spinsters). The whole purpose of this fair is to show how much they love and care for the whole family.

The parents of the bride and groom respect their guests by allowing whatever amendments they want to make in the wedding plan. The stroppy traditions are one of the results of this respect, some have been taken from Star Plus and some are real traditions of the family which they adopted ages ago.

Here are few of the traditions I observed in different wedding ceremonies or was told about by my friends.

1. Tearing The Shirt


Source: Pak Fashion

In Sindhi weddings, the ritual of tearing the shirt by a bride is very common. She tears the shirt of any of her friend so that her friend also gets married soon. Usey Apka Sukoon Pasand Nae Hai Clearly!

2. Takkar Lagwai Rasam


Source: MissMalini

Another popular ritual you can find in Sindhi weddings is “takkar lagwai”, in which the seniors of the family hold the heads of the bride and groom, bless them and then come to the point. Zor Ki Takkar Pe Mamla Khatam or Shuru for that matter!

3. Naak Pakrai


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The bride’s mother welcomes the groom and the rest of the Baraat in Punjabi weddings, but doesn’t allow them to enter till this “izat checker rasam”. She tries to hold the nose of the groom to make him obedient “Beta Teri Naak Oonchi Sahe Magr Hum Beti Derhay Hain”. And he tries that she can’t get a hold of it. Kaash Aesa Karne Se Sab Dulhe Obedient Hojate!

4. Chori Ki Mehndi


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The family of the bride or groom in KPK go to the house of another without informing after midnight and the poor host has to wake up to welcome them. They bring mehndi and sweets as a token of love. Or Jo Neend Haraam Kardi Uska Kya?

5. Dulha Without Joota


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This is the most common ritual of every wedding ceremony. The sisters of the bride sit around the groom on the stage and with the help of their body-builder cousins, slip the shoe from the groom’s feet and don’t return it back until the ransom amount is paid. Ye Salliyan Bhi Naa!

6. Rice Cleaning


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Before a week of the wedding in Balochis, the host takes advantage of a lot of women present in their home and asks them to clean the rice. They enjoy the gatherings and discussions during this ‘cleaning the rice’ session. Kaam Ka Kaam, Batain Ki Batain

Tell us more if your family also practices some sort of unique rituals in weddings.

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