6 Easy Ways To Control Stammer

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In a backward society like Pakistan, problems of teenagers are not taken much seriously as they should be. If you tell your parents that you are suffering from depression, they will most likely to respond like”is age main kisse depression hota hai?”.

Teenage is actually the most sensitive and important time for the development of an individual.It is the time when everything will affect your deep down feelings, even the useless one. Among some common problems of teenagers, stammering is the one which most likely to consider a problem that will be fine with time. But if it remains untreated, it can cause some real trouble for a teenager. Here are some tips to control your stammer on your own.

1: Speak Slowly

Source: Keep Calm-o-Matic

Sometimes, we stammer when we are in a real hurry to complete the sentence.Always speak calmly.Take your time.

2: Take Deep Breaths

Source: Harvard Health

Always take a long breath before you start any sentence. It will always help your body to relax.

3: Belly Breathing:

Source: We Heart Living

If you feel that due to stammer your body is getting overheated, always try to breathe fastly and give some shaking movements to your belly.

4: Control your thoughts:

Source: Travis Robertson

Before starting any conversation, do not think that you will stammer.Always think positive.Your psychological relaxation will help you.

5: Choose easy word:

Source: Michell Consulting Group

If you think you will stammer on some particular words, try to replace them.Always choose those words on which your tongue can roll easily.

6: Never stop practicing:

Source: Creative Market

Always practice speaking when you are alone.It will play a very important part in the development of your confidence.

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