How 5G will revolutionize the Internet and Change the World?

5G, the fifth generation of Mobile Network is about to be launched in next 10 years. The leading global companies have fallen in the wild race to develop it before their competitor does. Undoubtedly, the 5G will be the evolved and advanced form of 4G and 3G but scientists claim it will be much more than that.


5G will completely revolutionize the internet. There won’t only be end to lagging, faltering videos, apps hanging and systems stalling but it will harmonize the radio spectrum. As the result, one could easily imagine the surge in remote surgeries, driver-less cars, and integrated cities through the fastest internet.

Currently, the radio frequency spectrum that carries the radio waves comprising the internet bandwidths is in a mess causing distorted internet functioning. The 5G is revitalizing the radio network to transmit excessive amounts of data for high connection speeds without any discrepancies while allowing 4G and 3G to continue functioning.


5G will facilitate the driver-less cars and people would not have to drive themselves

5G will be 100 times Faster

That means with a 5G of 1Gbps, the movie of 1Gb will be downloaded in one second. 5G will have capacity to provide speed as much as 800Gbps, that is beyond the one’s imagination.

33 HD films can be downloaded in mere one second with the speed of 800 Gbps.

The dynamic of internet will be completely changed in next 20 years as it is expected that 60 to 80 billion devices will be run on internet. So, the 5G will be able to quash the increasing demand of internet in next two decades.

5G is all about widening the capacity of network so that more bandwidths are produced and offered to increasing flow of internet users without any discrepancies.

The increase in demand of connected gadgets will be the result of innovation of products that would use internet through the 5G – also known as internet of things. Every electronic product in home including remote control, microwave, Speaking trains and buses telling which seats are available, they all will be operated through internet.

Any obstruction will not reduce the internet frequency strength

Any obstruction will not reduce the internet frequency strength

The Mobile devices will be able to choose automatically that which of the bandwidths should be used to process to ensure maximum speed without putting strain on any one source of bandwidths which is overloaded. Many countries are investing to develop 5G but for now it seems Japans is cruising to be the first developer country of 5G. It is expected that Japan will not only be the host to the Olympics in 2020 but also will be first to develop the 5G.

5G Trial Versions


Japan wants to play host, not just to the 2020 Olympics, but also to the world’s first commercial 5G network in 2020.


However, Samsung has vowed to launch the trial of 5G Network during the Winter Olympics in 2018 but that will be the temporary trial. On the other hand, Huawei has announced to launch its version of 5G only for the Football World Cup of 2018.

Huawei- to-Develop-5G-Technology-by-2020

It seems that internal arena of technology companies are on the march to launch the 5G and for that they are keen to do massive investments in R&D. The competition is high but cooperation between the companies is also witnessed to develop the 5G as soon as possible. It is great news for global consumers as it will be the win-win situation or them as they will have access to unparalleled technology.


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