All Eyes On 5G Launch In Pakistan’s Three Big Cities In 2023

5G launch Pakistan 2023

The world has moved forward towards the future in terms of connectivity and that’s the main thing for the current digital-oriented people out there.

Because if your internet connectivity is stable and has a consistent bandwidth then your country is on the right path. As everything in the current slot has been shifted to the digital world and their connectivity plays an important role.

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Pakistan is still far behind in the league of 5G, for the past years, there have been rumors and speculations regarding the 5G arriving in Pakistan.

But it looks like 5G is about to head in our country and everyone can experience the high-speed internet.

5G finally arriving in Pakistan

Last year, Pakistan’s Information Technology and Telecommunications Minister Syed Aminul Haque claimed that 2022 would be the ideal year to launch 5G and since then nothing happened. People again went with their old assumption that it’s a rumor about 5G in Pakistan like old times.

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But as 2022 has got a few months, an official document has been released by the Ministry of Information and Telecommunication (MOITT) that has detailed that the government is planning to launch 5G in Pakistan by 2023.

Initially, they will launch in three big cities of the country which include: Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore.

Excited right? Don’t fly too high, because the government has also stated that only 4% of Pakistan’s total population will have access to 5G technology by 2025, and 65% of people will be using 4G by then.

What does the document say?

Source: Indian Express

As per the document, “the Global System of Mobile Communications (GSMA) had projected that more than half of Pakistan’s population will be using 4G by the end of 2022.” Although the predictions turned out to be true, still we are three big years behind the rest of the world.

Next year, 5G will roll out in Pakistan, but not in big amounts, and focus on limited areas. For 5G our country needs to stable the signals and make them reliable for every telecom service.

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