5G High-Speed Connectivity or Again Just Rumors Like Before

5G Connectivity

The world is revolutionizing with the advancement of tech, every year new inventions taking place and creating a huge impact on human lives. One of the latest trends to talk about is 5G connectivity.

Whether it’s a smartphone experiment or planning to shoot a film on space the tech always inspire human to learn more about technology and its attributes.

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There’s no doubt international tech advancement is growing rapidly higher than in Pakistan. And we are still behind with 4G.

African countries are even developing and investing in technology to go with the flow along with other countries.

Internationally 5G has been officially launched and many countries are utilizing it properly, and Pakistan is still having 4G connectivity.

Previously spread rumors about 5G has been disappeared and in the late 2020s, the rumored just got real.

Last year in November Pakistan’s Information Technology and Telecommunications Minister Syed Aminul Haque has declared and gave great news to Pakistani citizens regarding 5G connectivity.

Statements By Pakistan’s Information Technology and Telecommunications Minister Syed Aminul Haque Cleared The Air:

He had told the press:” “I think December 2022 is the ideal date (to launch the 5G service) as it would take one to two years to improve infrastructure and increase optic fiber penetration across the country.”

“It means that when the modern state-of-the-art technology comes to Pakistan, the country will make great economic progress.”-

The CEO and Chairman of Zong Wang Hua stated: “5G is close to being deployed on a large scale globally, and its commercialization is steadily advancing. Our 5G test call takes Pakistan one step closer to the 5G era where possibilities are endless for the users.”

5g in pakistan
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One of the leading telecommunication franchise advertised about 5G two years back.

It has to be done because next-gen smartphones are coming with 5G connectivity and it would be a great revolution in tech for Pakistan.

Even China is leading when it comes to 5G, they had worked brilliantly on it and dominating as well.

5G will help smartphone developers to produce more phones compatible with it.

Digital workers require high-speed internet and 5G will play a vital role for them.

WorkSpace is now our home and to work with the flow people need connectivity with consistency. 5G would be a key player in it.

Will it be the best year for Pakistani citizens in terms of having high-speed internet? Or they still play with words like they have been doing so far. Because 5G will surely change the dynamic of technology and connectivity.

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