5 Ways You Can Adopt to Connect your Child with Allah at an Early Age

You know, one of the initial things that happen to a Muslim child once they open their eyes in this world is the sound of an Adhan. We are born in a Muslim household and to continue making the generation Muslim, we recite the Adhan in their ears.

While a child, at a young age, does not know the difference between right and wrong, it is the duty of the parents to make sure they understand and grow up as good Muslims. How we make the kids understand and see the religion is what contributes towards their understanding of the religion.

In Order to Make your Children Close to All an At Early, Here’s What You Can Do:

1. Remember Allah Like He is Your Best Friend


Read Islamic stories to your children and tell them who God is. Narrate the Holy book Quran in front of them so that they may do the same when they grow up. Tell them stories of our Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) and his companions.

2. Do NOT Use Allah as a Secret Tactic

Often parents or elders caution their children by telling them how a small action is considered as a big sin in the eyes of Allah. While the thought maybe right, the approach is wrong. This creates a fear in the heart of the child at a young age – without understanding why it is a sin, they will have a constant fear in them. Make them understand without exaggerating.

3. Make Your Child Understand the Need of Asking Allah


In the Quran, it is listed on numerous occasions how we need to ask and pray for things from the Almighty. If you set an example in front of your child that praying will get them the things they desire, they will know the importance of it. For example, if your child demands you to buy them a toy (which you can afford), ask them to pray to Allah and surprise them after a while. This way, they will know the importance of making a dua’a.

Pray in front of them so that they may see your action and follow them, but make them understand what praying actually means and results as.

4. Make them Write to Allah


Allah has mentioned how communicating to Him leads to Him listening to our call for help. He will never deny or ignore what we talk to Him. Make your child do the same. If something is bothering your child, tell them to write to Allah and narrate everything to Him. Tell them to list down everything – good or bad and talk to Allah about it.

As we grow up, we understand how communicating to Him through Namaz causes ease in our hearts. Make your child use the same approach from a young age.

5. Make Sure Your Child Knows Who to Thank for the Blessings they Enjoy


Make them thank Allah and see them realize that this is the blessing from Allah that they are enjoying. This will develop a sense of gratitude in them and they will forever be thankful for the little or big happy moments in their life.

Remember not to impose such religion on your children in a manner that they will fear it and Allah. Make sure you make them understand the important elements and help them learn.


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