Here Are 5 Effective Ways To Form A Reading Habit!

Reading habit

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Being a little bit of a reader, I often get asked how do I get time to read? Well, the answer is that I don’t force to make room for it in my daily schedule.

I just make sure it’s a part of my daily habits that I cannot ignore doing; I just start doing it subconsciously, sometimes without really knowing I find a book in my hand. How can you do it, too? Here are a few steps to follow!

1. Decide Why You Want to Read

Decide what is the purpose of your reading? Self-improvement, educated entertainment, a better understanding of life/religion or business development? Then decide what genre of books you like to read and then fill your shelf with books of that genre.

reading habit

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For example, I like to read self-help books, so at any time I keep about 20+ unread books on my shelf. It gives me a choice to read what I’m in the mood to read. Moreover, you can make a list of the books that you would like to read in the year and buy those first as a start.

To be honest, personally, I find that list only 25% efficient as I consistently deviate from the list and opt to buy some other books (in addition to ones in the list). I guess that is fine as long as I’m reading something.

2. Place your Bookshelf at a Readily Visible and Accessible Location

Ensure your bookshelf is placed in your house at a location that is always accessible and visible to you. For instance, some people don’t really use their guest rooms/drawing rooms until the guests are actually there. Thus, placing your books in such a room won’t be a good idea.

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Display your books like your proud possessions. Something that is mostly in-front your eyes. I have placed my main bookshelf in the lounge then I keep about 2-3 books at my bedside to (out of sight – out of mind).

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3. Keep it Mobile (not that one!)

Moreover, keep the book that you are currently reading mobile. This means to carry it around the house with you while sitting in the lounge or watching the TV; keep it in hand or at your side, this way it’s always accessible.

Chances are that as soon as you get bored of the TV show or there is a commercial break, you’ll pick it up and read a few pages; just don’t place the cell phone nearby too. While going to bed, take it with you and read a few pages before falling asleep.

Fun Fact: Madonna the world-famous singer loves reading so much that she actually carries a book with her to the parties; to read whenever she can feel bored.

reading habit

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4. Schedule Reading Time

Once into reading books, dedicate fixed time for reading. The duration of it depends on yourself; it can vary from 10 minutes to an hour or even hours – whatever suits you!

5. Set Your Goal

Try to set a goal for reading for the month/year and then keep track of it in your journal. Exquisite readers usually set a goal around four books per month (I’m at a modest two books per month).

6. Bonus: Read Printed Books

Ok so this is a bonus item and you might not agree with but for me, original printed books are better than the soft copies. I find reading on a cell phone or laptop to be very distracting (never used kindle though).

There you have it, 5 practical tips for forming a reading habit. Hope they work for you!

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