5 Ways to End Your Smoking Habit

Smoking is as addictive as heroin. Every cigarette you smoke brings you closer to death, reducing your life expectancy by 11 minutes. It is injurious to your health and deteriorates your lungs. Additionally, cigarettes and tobacco smoke contain cancer-causing chemicals which increase the risk of throat cancer, stomach cancer, and liver cancer. Besides these horrifying diseases, they can damage your larynx, esophagus, kidney and cause dental problems too. But is that enough to get you to quit smoking?


Will You Be Next?

Smoking starts as a habit, but soon becomes an addiction that is difficult to stop. Although it is not easy to banish cigarettes and tobacco completely from the market, some popular figures have abandoned cigarettes forever, and are now living healthy lives.

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Did you know Saif Ali Khan quit smoking after he nearly had a heart attack few years back? President Barack Obama, Hrithik Roshan, Amir Khan and Jennifer Aniston also chose their health and loved ones over cigarettes.

There’s enough inspiration to get you to stop smoking and here’s how you can end this harmful habit and set an example for others:

Work Out Regularly

Exercise is good for your body because it keeps you fit and helps you relax. While exercise is recommended for keeping the body healthy and toned, it can help you quit smoking too.

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When you crave for cigarettes, you can use exercise as an alternative and you will see how it distracts you from the desire to smoke.
Whenever the cravings kick in, go for a walk or any other exercise.

Make a Plan & Stick to It

When you decide to quit smoking, you must promise yourself that you will not go near cigarettes. Commitment is very important. Keep reminding yourself that you have to follow a plan and abstain from smoking.
Unless you stick to your plan, the cravings will overcome your determination. Plan to not have even a single drag and practice it daily. Soon, you will be able to live without smoking.

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Watch What You Drink

We usually binge on tea, coffee and fizzy drinks during the day. Excessive intake of all these beverages can affect your health, and make cigarettes taste better, in which case you might be doubling the damage to your body. Water and fresh fruit juices are the best alternatives to these drinks. While water keeps you hydrated, fresh fruit juices provide nutrition and keep you healthy. A glass of water will also keep you from smoking when your cravings are bad. In addition, it is one of the ways you can keep your hands and mouth busy.

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Make a Team

Doing it alone is difficult. Hence, form a support team. Encourage the smokers in your family and friend circles to give up together. This way, everyone feels encouraged to quit smoking and it gets easier to keep yourself from reaching for a cigarette.

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Recall the Motivators

Did you know Konkana Sen stopped smoking overnight while she was expecting her baby?
The health of her little infant was a big motivator in her life. While your biggest motivator should be your own health and life, whenever the cravings kick in, you can think of your family and loved ones. This will motivate you to avoid cigarettes and stop smoking.

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Keep the Faith

Cigarettes are a great temptation for smokers, but you can resist them with strong will and determination. Reminding yourself that it is possible to quit smoking will help you keep the small changes in your routine and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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