These 5 Ways Guide Muslims To Strengthen Their Relationship With Allah Almighty!

Life is full of ups and downs. The pathway of reaching the top of any mountain is never easy – there are bumps, there are hurdles and there is a need of putting a constant effort in reaching the end goal. Such is the case when it comes to our bond with our Creator.

When He puts us in any challenge, we often forget how this is His way of testing His ummah. However, the aim is to lessen the distance between the Creator and yourself.

1. Read His Book

We are told to have faith in Allah, knowing that he does not talk to us the way human-beings do. His book, however, depicts exactly what He wishes from His ummah to follow. That and Dua are the two ways to communicate to Him what you are looking for and what your struggles are. Talk to Him and see how He answers you.

2. Be Prepared For The Test

We were sent to this world to be tested – the entire purpose of facing the trials and hurdles is why Allah sent us to this world. The key here is never to give up. If we give up on His test, how would we expect Him to care about us? Do not worry if you are feeling low when it comes to faith in Him. Allah doesn’t punish us for losing hope. In fact, He will reward us for going to Him. Talk to Him, for He will never send your prayers unaddressed.

3. Make A List Of The Times He Blessed You

Humans are functioned in a way that they forget all the good things that happened to them and focus on the negative ones. What we forget is even opening our eyes on this very morning is a blessing bestowed to us by Him. Make a list of all the good things He has blessed you with – a loving family, a new, well-paid job, good health and excellent performance. With your efforts and His blessings, all that you have is because of Him for He does not even allow a single leaf to move if He not commands.

4. Make A List Of All The Times You Did Wrong

Whatever we do in private may be hidden from this world, but He sees everything. List down all the things you did wrong – yelled at your parents, hurt someone’s feelings or even accused them of something without knowing the truth. Yes, you will feel ashamed of yourself. But when you are done, start repenting. He will forgive you once you prove to Him your attention of not doing these mistakes again.

5. Forgive Yourself And Those Who Did Wrong With You

Ill feelings in our heart make us bitter in life. We often feel like taking revenge or not letting go of the events where someone hurt us. Just for the sake of your own peace, follow what He said – to forgive others. Make peace yourself. Do not hold resentment against someone who hurt your feelings. Instead, be the bigger person and let it go.

No matter how good or bad you are feeling, always remember to talk to Him. He listens to our cries, He listens to our pleas and He listens to us when we thank Him for what He gave us. Make a Dua and communicated everything you have in your heart and mind. Jazak’Allah.

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