5 Types of People on Independence Day

There is no doubt that we are proud to be a Pakistani and the Independence Day is one of the most celebrated events in the country but there are some people who enjoy each and every minute of it.

The Pindi Boys


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The first thing that comes in our mind are the Pindi Boyzez who consider themselves as professional stuntman. These guys can be found on any main road of the country. You can easily recognize them because of their KALA CHASHMA, PAINTED FACE, beghair silencer k Hondaa!!!! (125 cc bike) which is mostly rode on a single wheel.

The Real Heroes


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These are our national heroes that are related to our forces or have served the country in the past. Most of them are players, army officers and the most important those dada/dadi who have seen the struggle behind out beloved country. They can be found in almost every house in the country. They spend their whole day by telling the kids there life experiences and why they love this country. A SALUTE TO THEM.

The Thake Hoe DJ’s And Party Animals


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The desi or the thake hoe DJ and party animals start the mili naghmey of Vital signs and Junoon from 9 A.M. in the morning and the part continues “JAB TAK AMMI KI FLYING CHAPAL AE”. Some of them cruise with their sound system waali Mehran- kyun kat Baby ko base pasand hai and team up with the Pindi Boys at the most busy road in the city and the “PARTY CONTINUES JAB TAK CHILAR NA AEN”

Decorators and Selfie Wale


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All those, who decorate their homes, streets and roads just to show their love for Pakistan, no matter uske baad jitna b gand dalen. And all the selfie queens who gather all the kids for decoration of Jashan e Azadi and get the special suit for the Azaadi Waali selfie.

Temporary Patriot


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These are also known as “DESI KUKAR WILAITY CHEEKAN” in Punjabi. The whole year they are like, Uff yar ye kaisa mulk hai? Na koi job hai na koi future. Pata nahen kab yahan se niklenge, Aik baar apka bhai America chala gya na phir dekhen maine murr kay bhi nahen dekhna.
But on Independence Day,
“Tera Pakistan Hai Yeh Mera Pakistan Hai , Tera Pakistan Hai Yeh Mera Pakistan Hai
Iss Pay Dil Qurban Iss Pay Jaan Bhi Qurban Hai ,Ho Iss Pay Dil Qurban Iss Pay Jaan Bhi Qurban Hai. O JANI HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY PROUD TO BE PAKISTANI YAAAAAHOO!!!”

One thing I would like to say before ending is that, no matter how much problems we have, no matter how much political unstable we are, no matter in what conditions we live,we love our country and this is what we proud on.

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