5 Tips To Avoid Freelancing Nightmares

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Every freelancer has his or her own story, and it might be not the same. Every freelancer goes through a different experience, and if you are a freelancer, and if you are passionate about your work and field, then you must learn some tips and tricks from the other freelancers.

Freelancer doesn’t mean that you are working for someone free, or you don’t have a job that is why you are taking some projects. I will let you know some tips according to my experience which will help you to pursue your passion more effectively.


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The most simple tip to avoid any chaos from the side of the client, you must first know your own your worth, and according to your worth setting up your rules and regulations. Start to learn ‘NO’ in a polite manner, it is not necessary that if you are a freelancer, and if you know how to write good, you know everything, take only those project on which you have a good command. By knowing your own worth you will be able to categorize your skills.


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Even if you know how to write good, and if you have a good type speed, and you are good at brainstorming, even then don’t overburden yourself with work. More than the quantity, quality of works matter, so if you want to give your clients a quality work, then you must not take any pressure, and work in a relaxing manner i.e.: by taking the work that you can easily submit on time.


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There is huge scope of freelancing and projects these days, and after the boom of Facebook and social media, a lot of people are coming this way, even if you are a professional, do not show over efficiency, over-efficiency will ultimately lead you to a not suitable position, even if you have regular clients even then start networking, create your own page or a professional page so that people can search you and your work.


Source: EuroBusiness Media

People usually hire freelancers when they are not able to satisfy their own selves, and if your being hired for a project then they must have seen something in you, and to be on the safe side, you must let your client know that what are your expectations, if you are giving your quality services then what you expect from them. Play an honest game, and tell them upfront about your charges, a little negotiation will not do any harm. Even if you have any extra charges tell them clearly.


Source: Live-Free.net

People might think that working on laptop from home is an easy job, and it isn’t a problem to write some words for someone, and if you are a freelancer you are free 24/7. Try to be professional, you are sweating your blood to give them quality work, they must know that brainstorming and creating an original work is not an easy task. Stop working for the undeserving client who doesn’t know how to appreciate your work and efforts. Stop taking last minute requests for assignments and projects, start making deadlines.

If you are a freelancer, and if you are passionate one, these tips and tricks will help you to set boundaries in the future, and hence saving you from the nightmares of freelancing.

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