5 Tips To Perfect The Art Of Barbequing For This Eid!

barbeque tips

Eid-ul-Adha is right around the corner, this means that the entire nation is ready to dive into the world of meat and BBQ! Despite the fact that this is a religious celebration and is an important occasion for Pakistan, the amount of juicy meat that one receives remains insane. People tend to hold multiple barbeque parties, some even lasting after the three days of Eid. However, not everyone gets to receive the perfect BBQ steak because the grilling isn’t done correctly. So, these barbeque tips are at your rescue!

barbeque tips

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Though barbeque isn’t only about buying an expensive grill, it also involves various other small factors that people forget. First off, you would need to find the perfect barbeque for your meat. Most recommend a charcoal barbeque because the meat turns out to be extra smoky and juicy. If you use a gas one then the flavor just doesn’t reach the potential of what one might consider as a lump of barbequed meat. However, if that is the only one in your budget or you already have a gas barbeque, then going on with that shouldn’t be a concern as well.

Here are some quality barbeque tips that even beginners can use for this Eid to ensure that the meat turns out to be nice, tender, and smoky:

Focus On What Fuels Your Barbeque:

Most people tend to buy fuel like charcoal as an essential yet don’t realize the significance of having the best possible charcoal for their barbeque. The type of charcoal that you use would change the way that your food would taste. This is why barbeque experts try to spend considerable time within their choosing process to confirm that they are using suitable coal.

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It can be difficult to know which one would work best. But you can always look into it through the internet or ask your neighbors regarding the coal that they prefer. Once again, you can skip this step if you possess a gas barbeque. For a gas one, try to be careful when igniting the fire and make sure to control the level the fire might reach. Too much can definitely destroy the texture and color of the meat. Additionally, if you use wood, then it is recommended to use the ones from fruit trees.

Find The Necessary Tools:

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The type of tools that you use while barbequing tend to matter a lot more than you would think. You must have a pair of tongs with you especially the ones with good grip because they do most of the work. Whatever you place on the grill, the way you flip it, till the point of ensuring it doesn’t fall, everything is controlled by tongs. Moreover, having safety gloves or glasses can be helpful as well. Sometimes, the excessive smoke causes eye irritation so if you don’t have glasses or a cloth to cover your mouth with, try to cook from a certain distance.

Time It Correctly:

This doesn’t even need to be stressed over because timing is key with every aspect of cooking. You can develop a scrumptious loaf of meat or a burned steak, all through timing it correctly. Firstly, look at the flames, they need to die down. Then, as the coals become significantly hot until they start glowing and change colors, start grilling.

However, it could depend on your taste buds as well. Maybe your previous technique would cook the meat according to your tastes rather than through this advice. Try to go with whatever you feel comfortable with, but this barbeque tip confirms the meat to cook in the ideal heating temperature.

Let The Meat Sit:

It is true that the tender and delicate meat in front compels people to dive straight in. However, patience is key here. Let the meat soak in the heat and flavors. If you try it way too quickly then not only will it burn your tongue but also the juices wouldn’t have settled yet.

Don’t Lather The Meat In Sauce Early:

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Meat really wouldn’t be edible if it weren’t for the variety of sauces and spices that stay close. And especially in Pakistan, the citizens love to add extra sauces onto anything. However, when barbequing there is a cost for it. You must never brush on the sauce too early because it completely ruins the taste of the meat. It develops a bitter taste on the outside. So, make sure to be careful with that.

These are the normal ideas that people overlook when barbequing. However, if you want to stick to your regular ways then that is okay as well. In the end, all one requires is quality BBQ meat anyways!

What do you think of the situation? Will you be using these techniques to better your barbeque skills this Eid? Share your thoughts.

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