5 Times Us Guys Wish Girls In Pakistan Would Listen To Us & Not Argue

All girls have a problem with guys that we just don’t listen to them. I want to argue that there are many instances where girls rather don’t listen to us.

We all have been there. You are crumbling and cringing when she’s sitting there arguing, blabbing words after words from her mouth. You feel like tearing your hair apart because you can’t just believe it.

Remember all those times when you keep saying, “listen to me… meri sun lein/lo na when she’s arguing with you about something and not letting you speak. Whether it is your mom, phupo, khala, sister, girlfriend, friend or whatever, you are bound to go through this. Why? because “women…”

That’s right. You cannot do much about it. You wish you could just tell them you are genuinely bothered when they do that.

1. When we are trying to tell the way around the town

Source: FunnyAnd.com

Source: FunnyAnd.com

Let us calmly drive because we know the way. If we take some divergent route, we still know our way. Just listen to us and calm down.

2. When they say, “saray mard tharki hotay hein” and we try to correct them

Source: Forever Twenty Somethings

Source: Forever Twenty Somethings

Come on, you cannot judge all men by the acts of some specific men. Any man you meet can be tharki but not every man you meet is tharki. And no, if we are being a little candid, it does not necessarily mean we are tharki.

3. When we tell them to be safe when they’re out there by themselves

Source: The Teachings of Mr. Philip - WordPress.com

Source: The Teachings of Mr. Philip – WordPress.com


4. When we warn them about certain people

Source: Meme Generator

Source: Meme Generator

There’s a possibility we might know them better than you. There’s also a possibility that we could read between the lines or know how it goes with some people. We are not being possessive, we are just being ourselves.

5.  When we say, “we can explain it” don’t let hell break loose

Source: Gaia Online

Source: Gaia Online

Give us a chance, for once… No idea why this phrase, “we can explain it…” sounds to you like you just caught us red-handed and we are trying to cover it up somehow. Shit happens; let us explain first.

That’s pretty much it. These are generally the times we all wish you girls would listen to us. If you are a girl and reading this article, do us all a favor.

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