5 Things that will make Almost any Guy Cry

Most people think that men do not cry as readily as women do. This is evident in society as well, where men are expected to not show emotion and maintain a poker face, regardless of the situation.

In order to show you that men have emotions as well, I’m gonna talk about 5 things that will make guys cry.

1. Their families



source: Twitter

No one can help but be emotional when it comes to their own family. Sharing moments with them, both happy and sad, will make any man cry. When a guy’s sister leaves his home, or when his parents throw him a party because he graduated, chances are that he will shed some tears.

2. When they get hit where the sun doesn’t shine


Men have a weak spot- their balls. Any time something hits them there, they are incapacitated for the next 2 minutes. The pain is so intense that most of them will start crying if hit in the nether-regions. Girls, you know what to do if a guy does you wrong.

3. Sad movies

A movie can induce powerful emotions in the human mind. Show a movie like Rang de Basanti or the Notebook to a guy and it is almost a certainty that they will end up crying. I mean, you can’t really blame them. I cried like a bitch when Will Smith had to kill his dog in I Am Legend.

4. Haji Ali Jaan ki Biryani

Have you ever tried that stuff? They put biryani in spice, not spice in Biryani. Anybody who has a plate of that, even a guy, will start crying for sure. It’s worth it though- the taste is out of this world.

5. Literally anything that makes a girl cry

Guys are human beings as well. All human beings feel emotions the same way. It’s only because we condition our men to believe in toxic masculinity that they aren’t able to display their emotions properly. If they cry at something instead of bottling up their feelings, it’s better for their mental health.

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