5 Things Girls Studying In Different Liberal Colleges and Universities Hear A Lot

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We all know for sure that aunties like to comment on lives a lot. They like to comment on everything and anything. You are always in deep trouble when you are a student of a “YO!” institute – these gossip aunties will never get off your back!

1. “Beta, Don’t You Wear Duppata to Your College?”


Source: BuzzFeed

Wo jo T.v show ki host hai na, dekho sar pey dupatta ley kar bhi kitni achi lagti hai. Duppata orhanay say insaan ziyada acha nae hu jata.

Is that hosiery she’s wearing with the shear napkin pined to her head? Oh wait that’s just a fitting walli kameez and a nude colored shear duputta. Duh! That’s more modest than my sweatpants.

Duppata utarny say insaan ziyada modern nae hu jata! University main chali gai hai .. dupata nae leti! 

2. “NCA? Haye Waha Ja Kar Khrab Hujaye Gy”


Source: Tenor

Nae bhai yeh bachi buhat achi hai NCA ja kar bhi, wasi ki wasi hai! Koi kaprey nae change kiyeh is ney!
AAA… aunty actually I know you know that I wear western and eastern, you didn’t have to pretend!

3. “PIFD? Astaghfirullah…Fashion Ki Dukkanay”


Source: Tumblr

Haan, PIFD ja kar tou fashion vashion a giyeh hun gay tumhari bachi ko! Is ko zara daba kar raho!
Aunty dabaney ki zaroorat mujhey nae app ko hai!

4. “LUMS? La Hawla Wala Quwatta!!”


Source: WiffleGif

Hawww!!! LUMS main janey lag gai hai! Wo bhi scholarship par! Wahan tou drugs pakrey gayeh they! Us ki akhun kay huley batatey hain kay drugs main par gai hai! Aunty ! 3.5 GPA maintain kar kay dekhein app kay ankhun kay nechey bhi huklay par jaein gay!

5. “BNU? Tauba Tauba. Larkiya Dekhi Hai Waha Ki?”


Source: The Express Tribune

Kiya kiya?? BNU say architecture! Merey bublu ka jab NUST main admission nae huwa tha tou gai thi wahan … larkey aur larkiyan sath bathey huwey they sareyyy!! Is ki maa ko kaho kay change karey is ka college. 

We all know your Bublu is jealous of my straight A’s. You better stop projecting your frustrations on me! Plus, every girl doesn’t go to college to see boys.

So girls! Keep up the hard work and let your achievements speak for themselves!

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