5 Things You Get Bin Maange On Savyour that You Should Know About!


Bin Maange Kuch Mila, Toh Acha Laga Na?

Cashback and 5 Other Things that change your Buying Decisions for the better!

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When it comes to bringing people something unique, Savyour has always been the one introducing new ways to help customers make smarter decisions. Savyour has launched yet another new feature, Savyour Cashback! It allows you to earn hard cold cash as reward for shopping on 290+ Brands!

Savyour Cashback – What does it offer?


Savyour Cashback offers Guaranteed Cash rewards on 290+ of your favorite brands from all walks of life: Clothing, Electronics & Appliances, Home and Living, and, Food, and Groceries! You could double up on the savings by exploring for top deals and discounts too.

Cashback feature is unique and is effective because of its simplicity; it offers you to shop online, using any payment method of your choice, and that includes COD (cash on delivery), it allows you to earn guaranteed cashback on each of your purchases, lastly, it’s absolutely free! No extra, or hidden charges, and no subscription fee!

Once you get cashback, you can transfer it to any of your bank accounts or mobile wallets, and use it for whatever you may wish for!

5 Things You Get On Top of Cashback!


Since its launch in 2017, Savyour has been empowering and enabling its users to make better buying decisions. This includes exclusive deals and discounts through which you could save up and switch to a better lifestyle, and the latest ability to earn as shop through cashback!

Here are 5 more things that you should know about Savyour that enables you to make smart buying decisions.

  1.       Save with Top Deals and discounts on 1500+ brands!

Savyour offers exclusive deals to its users. With 1500+ partner outlets to choose from, you can enjoy the most exciting discounts without having to pay for any subscription! In-store deals can be availed with single tap. All you have to do is visit the brand’s outlet, avail a deal & show the success screen on the counter. Simple!

  1.   Earn On Top of Cashback by Referring Friends

The cashback feature is just one of the ways you could earn while using Savyour. You could also earn bonuses by referring Savyour Cashback to your friends too. Every time your referred friend shops and earns cashback, you receive 10% of your friend’s cashback in your wallet as a reward! Just like cashback, this amount is easily transferable to bank accounts or mobile wallets of your choice! 

  1.       Discover Businesses through Pakistan’s first Discovery Platform!

Savyour is powered by a community of over 500,000 users making it Pakistan’s First Discovery Platform, where you can discover local businesses, people, their experiences, and deals and discounts along the way. Thanks to the community, every new member can discover how their voice creates an impact, and how to create great experiences every time!

  1.       Explore Local Businesses around you!

You can explore your local businesses discovered by the community or Savyour in your location through the app. For instance, all the pharmacies and top brands in your area are listed for your ease. Additionally, you can save time by viewing a plethora of handpicked collections that enable you to find the best options available at a time of need.

  1.       Become an influencer!

When you interact with businesses and fellows on your app, you earn points and grow your visibility across the community. These points increase and decrease based on your activity on the app. The best part is, your reviews are amplified as Savyour notifies every user that has interacted with the brand in the last 30 days. As a result, your opinion are quickly shared with the community. This gives authentic voices great power to create a community of positive influence.

Hence, the more you help other users and businesses, the more points you get, and the more the points the higher the level of credibility of genuine interactions.

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 Savyour — A Complete Discovery Platform! 

Savyour empowers both the businesses and you (the user) alike. By bridging the gap between the two, Savyour has become the platform where a customer’s authentic criticism is heard by a business and other customers, creating a customer-centric culture where the businesses take the given advice, improve and bring more value to you!

Simply put, smart buying decisions are made when you help someone or someone helps you out, by sharing experiences on businesses you visit. Your shopping experience is enhanced by the deals & cashback offers that enable you to save & earn cash.

 Smart Decisions – Enabled!

Savyour, through its innovative features offers you a chance to make well informed and better buying decisions. Earn cashback on over 290 of your favorite brands; save up on top deals and discounts on 1500+ local businesses; and empower your voice to influence through positivity and a helping attitude to elevate yours and your fellow users’ lifestyles. The shocker – it’s all absolutely FREE.

So Earn, Save, and Discover with Savyour and greet yourself with great new experiences every time!

Visit the website to learn more about Savyour!

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