"Facebook Files Revealed" 5 Stuff Leaked From The Document

“Facebook Files Revealed” 5 Stuff Leaked From The Document

Since the day Facebook came to live, it has been under controversy where the owner Mark Zuckerberg had faced some intense trials and remarks too.

Documentation leak isn’t unusual nowadays, but when the sensitive information gets revealed, things get messier and create chaos for the company.

Source: BBC

Facebook has whistleblowers in their rank, their recent document leak contains facebook’s internal document which discloses insane information.

Still, Facebook defends itself from every single accusation which makes no sense at all. Things got serious when the document contains such information that related to the government and regulators.

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This week five things were revealed which showcases how Facebook treats particular people, their response to human trafficking, etc. Even recently when Australian newspapers asked for the share % for sharing their news sources, Mark Zuckerberg unfriended Aussies.

5 Thins Revealed From Facebook’s Leak Documents

Celebrities Treated Differently

There’s no denying that because Facebook had to treat celebrities differently and they don’t care about the non-celebrity persons. Facebook’s immediate action towards their complaint or something it’s just different.

Source: BBC

According to the Wall Street Journal, “many celebrities, politicians and high-profile Facebook users had different rules governing what content they could post, under a system known as XCheck (cross-check).”

Documents that were reported by the Wall Street Journal said,

“This could include activists raising awareness of instances of violence or journalists reporting from conflict zones,” it said.

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There are a lot of documents referred to by the Wall Street Journal that contained “outdated information stitched together to create a narrative that glosses over the most important point: Facebook itself identified the issues with cross-checking and has been working to address them”.

Human Trafficking Was Often ‘Weak’

Here Facebook should play an important role, but the way Facebook usually reacted was often weak. Even the employees of Facebook also brought major news of drug cartels and human trafficking but Facebook’s response was way weak as per the documents reported to WSJ.

Source: BBC

According to the sources, Facebook was fully aware of the situations and incidents. Facebook took limited action only when Apple came forward to threaten Facebook that they will remove the app from App Store then they did.

In their defense, Facebook said, “comprehensive strategy” to keep people safe including “global teams with native speakers covering over 50 languages, educational resources, and partnerships with local experts and third-party fact-checkers”.

David Kirkpatrick, author of The Facebook Effect had a conversation at BBC Podcast. Kirkpatrick revealed some major stuff, “they have plenty of things they have done, including hiring tens of thousands of content reviewers,” he said.

Source: Simon & Schuster

“But one statistic that jumped out for me from the Wall Street Journal was that for all their disinformation and misinformation work in 2020, only 13% of that work was outside of the United States.

On the politics of countries like the Philippines, Poland, Brazil, Hungary, and Turkey. They are not doing anything to remediate all that.”

Lawsuit From Shareholders

Facebook’s legal matters look like going out of hands, as Facebook itself facing a hard time and its shareholders filed a lawsuit.

Source: Nexter

Everyone’s aware of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal that was highly classified which was designed to protect Mark Zuckerberg’s liability.

Positivity For Itself

After having so much negativity on board, Facebook started spreading positivity for itself. In a recent tweet, the spokesperson Joe Osborne said, the test of what he called “an informational unit on Facebook” was small and only happened in “three cities”, with posts clearly labeled as coming from the firm.

He said it was “similar to corporate responsibility initiatives people see in other technology and consumer products”.

New Instagram= Toxic

Another major discovery from the Facebook files is that recently the social media did in-depth research about how Instagram was affecting youngsters.

Source: ABC7

But the research outcome was shocking it stated that the platform was a “toxic” place for many youngsters.

As per the slides shared by the Wallstreet Journal, “according to the survey Instagram makes girls feel worse than ever.”

The whistleblower leaked the document and stunned everyone. They will reveal their faces and corporate with Congress according to FOX News.

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