5 Struggles Every Desi Mother Faces While Raising Her Child

Being a mother is not easy. Not only do you need to keep an eye on your kid 24/7 but you have almost no time left for yourself. There are multiple struggles which you face and even though you always make it through them, there are some things that will always be difficult.

1. Maintaining your kid’s hygiene


Kids are extremely playful and full of energy. They love running around and almost everything they see interests them. Be it a rock on the ground or a tree outside the house, they will love to explore it. Making sure that they stay clean and tidy after returning from their adventures is definitely a pain for mothers.

2. Getting them to study

source: livemint.com

source: livemint.com

Whether due to their genes or upbringing, the fact remains that kids love spending time on everything but studying. Getting a kid to sit down and actually do their homework is a huge deal on its own, but what makes it worst is that every mother has to do it on a daily basis.

3. Keeping their Health in check



Since kids love junk food, this is probably the toughest thing to handle. Ensuring that your child remains well-nourished throughout the day can certainly take its toll on you. Even the thought of making your child drink a glass of milk is a nightmare on its own. If only the kids understood the nutritional value and goodness of milk as well as other healthy foods. Sigh.

4. Teaching them to behave


Some kids have issues with obedience. While a slight bout of defiance is understandable, too much of it makes a child obnoxious and conceited. At some point in their life, a mother needs to sit her child down and make sure they stay within their limits. A sense of independence is healthy but too much of it at a young age will leave a child unable to face the real world.

5. Relatives Being Counter-productive

source: toffeetv.com

source: toffeetv.com

Mothers try really hard to make sure that their kids are raised well. But sometimes, relatives tend to counteract that. A mother may forbid her child from something that the child’s grandparents end up giving them anyways, undoing all the effort on the mother’s part, which is a huge let down.

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