5 Stages Every Pakistani On A Diet Goes Through

Stage 1: Enthusiastic

This is the stage where you first start thinking about going on a diet. You make up your mind that you’ll stay away from chocolates, cakes, french fries, burgers and anything else that can make you fat.


Stage 2: Beginning of the End

When you start eating healthy salads and fruits, this stage happens. You watch your friends eating all that you cannot and think ‘Aik brownie se diet pe thorri farq parrey ga. Baaqi waqt tou salad kha rahien hun na.’ This is actually the beginning of the end of your diet.


Stage 3: Loss of Interest

You eventually start losing interest in the whole diet concept. ‘Ab mein itni bhi moti nahi hun,’ You think. At this stage you seriously consider giving up on your diet.


Stage 4: Irritation

At this point of time you start thinking ‘ Kya musibat hai yaar. Kyun faaltu mein kar rahi hun mein dieting.’ All the tempting food people are eating in front of you makes you want punch the wall in fury.



You finally break for the love of food. Food is your one and only true love. You can give up anything for it. Including your diet. You vow to never ever go on a diet again.


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