5 Shopping Mistakes Every Guy Must Avoid To Save Money

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Legend has it that shopping is an art unknown to most men. If you think shopping is a simple exchange, then you are wrong. When it comes to shopping, women analyze everything. Following is the list of shopping mistakes every man should actively avoid to save their hard earned money.

1. Shopping Without a List:

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We all are very particular about shopping for our groceries with a list. Why should the rules be any different when shopping for clothes or shoes? A list allows you to stick to your needs. If you follow the list then you will most likely keep yourself from spending money on an item that you don’t necessarily need. Without a list, we tend to get carried away and often overbuy. Keep a list of what you are missing and what you require and you will be all set.

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2. Choosing Labels over Quality:

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If there is one thing that not everyone understands, it is the fact that a label cannot define a product’s quality. Men tend to gravitate towards premium labels that offer clothing with hefty price tags but not exceptionally good quality every time. It is funny how a simple logo can take something’s value from zero to hundred. Always do a quality check when shopping. Good quality will last you for much longer. If the premium brand is giving you good quality then, by all means, spend as much as you want on it but restrain from impulse purchases.

3. Going All Out During Sales:

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Women have earned the reputation for going all out on sales but the truth is that men aren’t any different. Many times during sales, men tend to impulse buy everything they can get their hands on. That item will be worn a few times and then most probably get tucked away somewhere in the back of your closet. Do not invest money in an item that although comes at a low price but substandard quality, even if it is a measly amount of money.

4. Buying without checking the fit:

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The one thing that makes or breaks an outfit is its fit. Ill-fitting clothes are a red flag if you want to look fashionable. How do you ensure you are buying the right fit for yourself? Always try it out first. Yes, it’s tedious but it will prevent you from wasting time later in case you wish to get anything returned or exchanged. Try out everything you pick out to see how it looks on you as well.

5. Market Research –Have no time!

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Women have conquered the art of leaving no stone unturned. Before buying anything they make sure they take a good look around and check if they can find the same item in another store or online at a better price. Exploring and shopping around does sound exhausting but it helps you save cash so it’s definitely worth it.

Up your shopping game and get a banger wardrobe without spending a fortune.

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