5 Reasons Why You Should Attend The BWA Christmas Bazaar

The British Women’s Association is having its Annual Christmas Bazaar on 6th December at Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi!


These are the things you should be looking forward to;

1. Good Food!

A way to ANYONE’S heart is through their stomach!


Picture Source: pinterest


2. Jewelry for all Jewelry lovers!

Say hello to some new dressing room accessories!


Picture source: Pinterest


3. Art Art and more Art!

Truck Art, Handicrafts, Creatives and lots more! Look forward to a colorful Sunday!



4. Christmas Cakes and Cookies!

Pantry is coming!!! Cake lovers, DON’T MISS IT!



5. Gifts and more!

Gift vouchers and lucky draw are a must!


picture source: memegenerator


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