5 Reasons Why PIA Is The WORST Airline To Travel With

Anyone who has ever traveled by Pakistan International Airline (unfortunately) will so easily relate to this ghastly experience.

1. The Entertainment System

parhlo - in flight entertainment hacked

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WHICH DOESNT WORK. Imagine a 15-hour direct flight to your destination with no TV- obviously, no wifi and zero things do to. Worst nightmare ever?

2. Food

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Although it was bland sticky and tasteless – I don’t think it’s fair to serve meals with a 9 and a half hour difference. I mean you have kids, senior citizens and diabetes patients on the flight. But what would you expect from people who don’t have the courtesy to inform everyone about the so-called snacks that would be available ‘if asked for’?

3. Crew



PIA is uncooperative and rude. Their response to above-mentioned complaints was highly unethical and unprofessional. It’s a different story that anyone expecting eye candy was more disappointed than anyone else.

4. Over Head Baggage Storage

parhlo - overhead baggage pia

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PIA is un-facilitating and tiny. Caused many fights before take off alone.

5. Lack Of Professionalism

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For those who have traveled by air, they’d know about the soothing ceiling lights that change colours and have stars blinking once the plane takes off. It’s meant to create a soothing atmosphere and help induce sleep, especially in long flights. Though the system was working fine during take-off and landing – it wasn’t switched on during the entire flight.

Anyone looking to travel anytime soon – DO NOT make the mistake of booking a flight on PIA for either a domestic or international flight no matter how short the said journey. It will be a run down for your money and one of the worst traveling experiences ever. Their aim is not to ensure the comfort of the passenger but to cause distress to an already anxious group of people.

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