5 Things That Prove Our Society Does Not Understand The Importance Of Women

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I don’t understand why some people in our Pakistani society always think that women can only work in the kitchen. They are not equal to men and they even label the ones who are working as “begairat.”   Our society has created a shell around its typical thinking and they don’t want to listen or allow anything that our society doesn’t approve.

I tried to list down 5 reasons why our society doesn’t understand the importance of women and why they just can’t get over the same old taboos.


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Living in a male dominant society where males are considered as gods and some women even in this day and age are supposed to stay within their char deewari because that’s what society likes and prefers women to do. They are not allowed to go to universities or to do a job just because people think that only their brothers are supposed to go to universities and stay all night out just because “Wo Larka Hai”.

People don’t want to see their wives, daughters to succeed and make their careers just because this is how they are supposed to think by default.! They grew up listening to statements like, “AURAT sirf ghar chalaanay kay liye bani hai!”.


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Living in the 21st century, education has become a major part of our lives but when it comes to girls, people are reluctant to educate their daughters. WHY? Just because they believe that it’s not important to educate girls “kyun ke wo tou dusre ghar jaen gi.” Our society believes that educating them is a waste of money.

You see your brother going to a university but you can’t go because of what your whole khandan will think of you when they’ll learn about you going to a university where males and females study together. Your family can’t listen to the “haw haye” of people because of you.

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This sentence “log kia kahen ge” has ruined so many lives and dreams. Just because your society doesn’t like you going abroad to study or to do a job and as your family is afraid of what will people think, you actually have to give up on your dreams. What they don’t care about is what you want or need, they crush your dreams and tell you that you can’t follow your heart because they can’t bear the sarcastic taunts and comments from people.


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People don’t understand that this world is much more for us now than just roti handi. What parent’s need to understand is that if they keep suppressing their daughters, they’ll eventually start to lie to them bout things. What our parents don’t realize that saying no to everything is making their daughters the best liars. People don’t want to see what their wives and daughters are capable of.


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Our father, brothers, and husbands are super possessive about us. They can’t listen to a single word against us. They think exactly the way our society thinks. They don’t want us to do jobs or study with boys just because they don’t like it. They are narrow-minded and they can’t approve anything that is not appropriate.

The same old thinking is transferring from one generation to another. They don’t want to come out of their shells and they don’t care about what their sisters and daughters desire. They just want them to live their lives the way they want them to.

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