5 Reasons Why Daastan is the Next Big Literary Revolution!

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Establishing a business requires prudence, resolve, and vision. An entrepreneur, therefore, needs to have a sustainable idea to fulfill a need, provide a benefit and generate revenue. Anyone can begin a business; however, fortunate are those who keep pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams despite facing limitations in human resource and capital. Such a success story is that of Daastan, which launched Qissa, Pakistan’s first self-publishing platform.

Here are five reasons why Daastan is the next big literary revolution.

1. Vision and Mission:

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Founder, Syed Ommer Amer’s vision to create a lasting self-publishing platform that could monetize the author’s published work, and his mission to connect writers with opportunities and polish their writing skills through competitions and workshops, is the very success factor for Daastan. Ommer integrated two tasks of generating money and promoting works of aspiring, established and amateur writers under one platform. It is a long-term sustainable strategy.

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2. Like-minded individuals:

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No business leader is complete without a team of like-minded individuals working to fulfill the founder’s vision. Members of Ommer’s team are capable of making a difference in their respective fields. They may belong to diverse professional fields, but their thought process and interests to work at Daastan are the same.

3. Confidence:

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Presenting an idea to the corporate sector is no easy task. It requires the presenters to know their industry inside out, to recognize their strengths, weaknesses and have a comprehensive idea about the market they wish to operate in. Members at Daastan, especially Syed Ommer Amer (Founder) and Nauman Shahid Khan (Managing Director), have shown such confidence and poise that it has enveloped all team members, thereby; giving them the self-assurance to use their strengths in achieving their shared goal while working at Daastan.

It was confidence that earned Ommer a US $6,000 award from Plan 9, Pakistan’s biggest technology incubator run by the Punjab government in 2014-15. The confidence with which team Daastan is pursuing their passion is akin to the confidence shown by the authors of this platform. In nearly two years since its inception, Tooba Arshad from Karachi became the first author to have her book “Unveiling the Unknown,” self-publish it with Daastan through crowd funding.

4. Creative:

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Creativity, ingenuity, and imagination are the reason why products turn into brands and paint turns into art; words turn into novels and dialogues turn into acting. It is inspiring to witness members of Daastan display such level of creativity in all fields. Where the Board of Directors has been using their decision-making powers to provide sustainability and profitability to the business, the Board of Editors is using their literary insights to add value and clarity in the manuscripts they edit of aspiring authors. The Board of Creative is using their design depth and aesthetic sense to develop mesmerizing covers for the books while the Board of Marketers utilizes their logic and contacts to promote and market Daastan.

5. Conscientiousness:

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It is a pleasure to see members of Daastan, at such a young age, display the character traits of being conscientious. Everyone at Daastan is organized and disciplined; they meet deadlines despite their academic and professional tasks, they show self-discipline, they are careful planners and high-achievers. It is not an easy task to organize a writing competition where over 50 entries are edited and the top 25 manuscripts are turned into books with each having a different webpage on Qissa, a cover design and other associated legal and literary details.

Daastan has been holding such competitions under the banner of “The Stories Untold” with its third edition ending on August 30, 2017.  Leading from the front, Syed Ommer Amer and his entire team have been displaying honesty to their profession, faithfulness to the purpose, and mindfulness in completing their respective activities, which are a promise and a testament that Daastan will grow and evolve by leaps and bounds in years to come.

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