5 Reasons That Will Make You Say Yes To Namaz Immediately

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I’ve noticed quite a lot of teenagers missing their prayer like it’s nothing. If only they knew that they are going to have to pay so much for it in the hereafter. We leave Namaz like it’s nothing even though we know that it’s compulsory on us. How can we just leave prayers like that? What is our excuse? Will we be able to answer Allah in the hereafter?

The first reason is for own satisfaction. People who start feeling guilty when missing prayers is a good indication that in the near future you might want to get rid of the guilt and start praying for you own peace and satisfaction. Those who pray 5 times daily appear to be very contended and satisfied.

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Be scared of the hereafter. If we think we’ll be living in this world forever, we’re absolutely wrong. We could die tomorrow, so we should ask ourselves “are we prepared?”. It takes approximately 10 minutes to pray, and what are we going to achieve in those ten minutes away from prayers? Nothing. We should see our dadi or ammi praying and realize that it is very important to pray.

Our main reason to pray should be the love of Allah. He who provides us with all these blessing. So isn’t it our duty to fulfill his orders? Praying is a way of thanking Allah for what we are blessed with. Can’t we take out 15 minutes per Namaz to please Allah? We need to stop ignoring prayers because Allah comes first and it is definitely out duty to fullfil his commands.

Praying helps us get through the day because Allah is by our side. I’ve noticed that the days when I pray Fajr everything seems to go smooth and in my favor. For those of us who miss Fajr, we seem to get up to go to your university or school. So why not for the Fajr prayers? Why can’t we put an alarm just like we do when we have to go to our offices or college?

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Last but not the least, prayers help us get rid of our small sins when we make wuduh before each namaz. Wuduh washes away all our small sins. So Praying five times a day means that we are washing away the sins of that particular day. It also means that shaitan would be no way near us. Praying is important and we need to make sure that all our brothers and sisters are aware of that.

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